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GOODWILL and GOOD RACING! Steadfast for Veterans joins Contingency Connection Racer Rewards

Raising money and awareness for homeless veterans---Steadfast for Veterans has broken ground on the first 19 homes out of 50 planned in the coming year for homeless veterans. Additionally, Steadfast for Veterans will be taking Contingency Connection and all their Sponsors and Awards to 10 different events across the country including premier racing events, golf outings, and car shows.

Mike Moore of RevsRacing Promotions stated, “Steadfast for Veterans partnership with Contingency Connection’s family of racers, fans, performance shops, tracks, series, and sponsors will deliver awareness for homeless veterans, and I have no doubt that this awareness will turn into support and gratitude for such a great program.”

Steadfast for Veterans has a goal of raising $100,000 for homeless veterans in 2022 through tax deductible marketing partnership and fundraisers. Marketing partners will have opportunity to be on tee-shirts, race car, promotional hand-outs, stickers golf hole flags, and social media networking with our racetracks, series and other events.

Jackie Ressa from Contingency Connection stated, “Our network of Grassroots Racers, Sponsors, Tracks and Series are thrilled to support our veterans in any way we can. Steadfast for Veterans is making it easy with racing events and car shows designed for just that. We are all in!”

Steadfast for Veterans will be hosting events and/or offering Contingency Connection Racer Rewards at the following tracks & series in 2022:

National Compact Touring Series, Kalamazoo Speedway, Salem Speedway, Speedrome, Circle City Speedway, Wagler Motorsports Park and Lorain Raceway Park--awarding Contingency Connection Racer Rewards to winning drivers!

Dr. Parker Mitchell is the #22 car named GOMER—running races and raising money and awareness for homeless veterans in 2022


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