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Celebrating its 27th year, the Contingency Connection is THE largest grassroots, weekly motorsports marketing platform in the country.

The Contingency Connection includes nearly 100 tracks and traveling series, 100 performance manufacturers and sponsors, 3,000 performance shops, engine builders and machine shops, and over 5 million attendees! The program includes tracks and series with almost every sanction such as NASCAR, IMCA, WISSOTA, USAC, Outlaw Truck and Tractor, NHRA, and IHRA. Competition includes Circle, Dirt, Paved, Drag, Tractor Pull, Off-road, Diesel, Mud Bogs, Sand Drags, Import, and Motorcycle events. With this type of platform Contingency Connection is able to attract sponsorship from major companies for member tracks, series, shops, engine builders, and racers.

Contingency Connection is Simple and Effective: 
The Contingency Connection unites nearly 100 grassroots tracks and series giving them all of the benefits of being one large organization. In turn, major companies and sponsors get the best advertising value possible because they can buy into our bulk network of tracks, series, engine builders, and fans. Most importantly, grassroots racers receive sponsorship support that they deserve and need.


  • Alone, tracks and series may not have the volume of racers needed to attract major sponsors.

  • Alone, manufacturers may not be able to justify time and money spent on one type of racing.

  • Alone, weekly grassroots racers may not attract national sponsorship dollars

  • Alone, performance shops, engine builders, and machine shops may not receive manufacturer discounts and awards. 

But with Contingency Connection’s unification of tracks, sponsors, racers, shops, and fans — EVERYONE is a WINNER!


Contingency Connection delivers $50,000-$100,000 in weekly Racer Rewards to member tracks & series helping local grassroots racers pay their racing expenses--so they can afford to race more often!  Local racers simply run sponsor decals for products they use (or would like to use) and win money-saving discounts from top performance manufacturers immediately upon their race win.  Contingency Connection also provides end-of-season Championship Bonus & Banquet Awards making the Racer Rewards program a full-season, grassroots rewards program for hometown tracks, series, and racers.

Corporate Sponsors/Manufacturers:
The Contingency Connection coordinates race-marketing promotions for sponsors and manufacturers on-site at all Contingency Connection tracks and racing series, making it the largest, most effective way to promote products and services at the grassroots racing level. Sponsors and manufacturers simply sign up for ONE turn-key program and they receive NATIONAL exposure directly to target end-users all over the USA and Canada. Contingency Connection cuts through the clutter of other marketing programs by directly linking sponsors to fans, racers, engine builders, and machine shops.

Tracks and Traveling Series:
Contingency Connection offers member tracks and series nearly 10 million dollars in sponsorship awards to reward their loyal racers, attract new racers, increase car counts, and increase profitability. Alone a track may not have enough racers or spectators to attract sponsorship dollars, but with Contingency Connection’s unification of tracks, series, engine builders and machine shops; every track is considered a BIG track and receives the same sponsorship dollars. Contingency Connection is a FIRST of its kind, NATIONALLY sponsored program for hometown tracks and series offering a complete sponsorship package including a $100,000 weekly contingency program, end-of-season champion bonus programs, and banquet awards to increase track success and profitability.

Performance Shops, Engine Builders, Installers, and Machine Shops:
Contingency Connection’s AERA sponsored Engine Professional Rewards program offers valuable product discounts, technical information, and a chance to win tremendous prizes to enrolled shops. The Engine Professional Rewards Book is mailed once a year directly to enrolled shops. Enrolled shops are also eligible to win full-year AERA membership and other prestigious manufacturer awards.  Best of all—Enrollment is Free! 

Media and Publications:
Contingency Connection offers an avenue to increase subscription sales and increase advertising sales with numerous on-site event-marketing opportunities. Contingency Connection puts your publication “at the track and in the shop with your readers”. With nearly 100 venues, 1500 events nationally, reaching 18,000 racers, 3000 engine builders and shops, and over 50,000 spectators PER week we can boost subscriptions! Call Contingency Connection today.



















President JRB Marketing Inc


If you need someone with a relentless marketing and advertising focus to promote your company and products then look no more---Jackie is the answer.  Jackie started her automotive career in high school working part-time at Edgewater Sports Park and as a cashier at Nationwise Auto Parts in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She found out early that there was fun to be had and money to be made in the racing business!


Jackie was recruited by Ford Motor Company, upon graduation from Miami University of Oxford, OH.  She started in the Ford Parts and Service Division but it wasn’t long until her racing interests were known and she was promoted to an aftermarket Motorcraft Racing position that included NASCAR and Drag Racing promotions with automotive retailers and warehouse distributors.


Through her remarkable ability to listen to her customer’s needs, get to know the customer’s products, and help each customer achieve their race-marketing goals she consistently delivers amazing marketing programs with results!  Jackie’s race-marketing success stories include prestigious companies such as Ford Motor Company, 3M Company, Snap-on Tools and most recently the Mr. Gasket Company Hurst and Mallory Cup Series Sponsorship and the Parts Pro Performance Center’s Weekend Warrior Bonus Program key programs in the national CONTINGENCY CONNECTION.

Jackie Ressa

323 Lola Mere Dr.

Kingsport, TN 37660




President Contingency Connection


If you are looking for someone who knows practically everyone in the racing industry, then Ronnie Ball is the ticket!  From the quick-rod racer in Bristol, TN to the President and CEO of most major performance companies, Ronnie knows NO STRANGERS with his 25 years in the racing industry!


Ronnie began his racing career soon after the founding of IHRA when Larry Carrier started the sanction and broke away from the NHRA as the IHRA Contingency Director---no less!  He is and has been a TRUE manufacturers advocate for his entire racing career lobbying for MORE exposure and LESS fees for manufacturers.  Equally, he has always been an advocate for the “little guy” WEEKLY racer---so much so he started the first of it’s kind, and ONLY…national program designed specifically to reward the WEEKLY racer for his efforts—the CONTINGENCY CONNECTION.  Ronnie and his partner Jackie Ressa have filled a well-needed niche in the racing industry beginning with ONE track in 1994 to over 100 tracks in 2004!


Ronnie Ball                                                                                 

21585 Campground Rd                                                          

Bristol, VA  24202                                                                   


About Contingency Connection 

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