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GEN-Y partners with Contingency Connection to support grassroots racing

American Made hitch manufacturer joins the largest weekly motorsports marketing platform in the country.

Contingency Connection has been the leading grassroots motorsports-marketing platform in North America for 30 years, delivering national sponsorships to local racing communities, while providing an affordable approach for manufacturers to reach target end-users. The Racer Rewards program and the Engine Professional and Performance Shop Rewards program connect racers, fans, racetracks, engine builders, and performance ships with sponsors, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Contingency Connection racing includes: street, dirt, paved, drag, drift, speedboat, road course, grudge, motorcycle, drag & drive, and more!

Jackie Ressa, President of Contingency Connection stated, “Every race car towed to the racetrack requires a reliable hitch-- and all engine builders, performance shops, and fans deserve the best towing experience as well.” Ressa continued, “GEN-Y Hitch understands the importance of speaking to consumers on a localized level and Contingency Connection will connect GEN-Y directly to end users at the racetrack, in the stands, and in the engine and performance shops.”

GEN-Y’s top priority is to design and manufacture products that bring value and safety to the towing/hauling industry. We take pride in the fact that all GEN-Y branded products are built 100% in the USA, right here in Northern Indiana. Customer satisfaction is taken very seriously, and we will go the extra mile to ensure that the end user has a quality product that fits their needs.


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