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Become Contingency Connection Track or Series

Celebrating its 25th year, The Contingency Connection is largest weekly grassroots race-marketing platform in the country!


The Contingency Connection coordinates one of the biggest motorsports marketing programs in the country including 60-100 member tracks and traveling series, approximately 100 performance manufacturers and sponsors, nearly 3000 engine builders and machine shops


Tracks and Traveling Series:  


Contingency Connection offers member tracks and series nearly 10 million dollars in sponsorship awards to reward their loyal racers, attract new racers, increase car counts, and increase profitability.  Alone a track may not have enough racers or spectators to attract sponsorship dollars, but with Contingency Connection’s unification of tracks, series, and engine builders every track is considered a BIG track and receives the same sponsorship dollars.




The Contingency Connection unites nearly 100 grassroots tracks and series giving them all of the benefits of being one large organization.  In turn, major companies and sponsors get the best advertising value possible because they buy into our bulk network of tracks, series, engine builders, and fans. 


  • Alone, tracks and series may not have the numbers needed to attract major sponsors.

  • Alone, manufacturers may not be able to justify time and money spent on one type of racing.

  • Alone, a weekly racer will not attract national sponsorship dollars for his race car. 

  • Alone, engine builders and machine shops will not receive manufacturer coupon awards.


But with Contingency Connection’s unification of tracks, series, engine builders, racers, and sponsors — EVERYONE is a WINNER!

Contact us for details


Jackie Ressa

323 Lola Mere Drive

Kingsport, TN 37660

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