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Track and Series Testimonials

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2nd Place Mike Miller from Erie, PA  driving a 67 Camaro 6.91 _ 91.48
SZ W 9-1-17 038
2017-08-26 ET-575
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"The Contingency Connection is one of the easiest ways for a busy track operator to offer a huge “value added” to the racing events that he or she promotes. Whenever we can put more into the hands of our racers to support their hobby-- it's a win for the racer, the track, and the industry as a whole." 

Johnny Davis

"It brings such an enormous level of credibility and professionalism to a track, especially a small-town venue like ours. From the banners that connect you to reputable, national distributors, to the awards, bonus packages and banquet awards; the Contingency Connection program truly provides incentives for the racers to come out week after week to compete at your track."

Gerry Liscumb, Jr., Promoter

 The Contingency Connection and all of the posting manufacturers have helped increase both spectators and racers for our street program to numbers beyond our belief; for just a 4-hour program every other weekend.

Dennis Barnard, Owner

The Contingency Connection program offers added incentives to our racers.  These are utilized not only for the race champions, but various awards throughout the season.  The flexibility of the program allows us to reward many different racers through the year such as best losing package, first round best package, etc.  These contingencies are well received, and the racers utilized them to enhance their racing program.  This is our third year of participation and believe it is a great racer program. 

Pam Kendrick, President

“The Contingency Connection is the best, it reminds me of when my dad (Rusty Wallace) raced. One of the biggest thrills for our racing family was when we were given free product at our local racetrack."

Kenny Wallace

“It’s the BEST program I have heard of in a long time...I wish the Contingency Connection would have been in place when I was short track racing every weekend!”

Kenny Schrader

“The Contingency Connection Racer Rewards program is another way to offer added incentives and awards to your racers; it’s a win-win for everyone. It’s a valued marketing tool for smaller tracks hosting a championship series. Quite honestly, it enhances our program to the next level, by adding a little something extra to the winner’s circle.”

Mike Hall

"As a short track owner, Contingency Connection allows me to leverage my limited resources by adding a little something extra that the tracks around me don't. It’s like increasing purses on the cheap. Also the tie in for the track with national motorsports manufacturers tells MY racers that we are working hard for them where it counts, the pocketbook.”

Paul G. Hawes

“The Contingency Connection Racer Rewards program is a way to offer added awards and incentives to your racers; and differentiate your track from the others. It's not just prize money, but parts my racers actually use, and they really do use them. Racers tend to be loyal to the companies that support their racing, so the Racer Rewards program is excellent marketing tool for the member companies.”

Michael Fornataro, Promoter

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