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Full Night of Speed at Shady Bowl Speedway

DeGraff OH 4/23/22. Race fans were treated to all types of racing Saturday night, as Shady Bowl Speedway ran its first regular show of the season. There were open wheel modifieds, full bodied stock cars, karts and a 100 lap Enduro. The Shady Bowl crew did a great job, as qualifying, dashes and heats and six features were done at 11:40.

The Wootens Towing and Automotive Modifieds saw Troy driver Jerry Stapleton surge out front at the drop of the green. Stapleton 60 years old took the much younger drivers to school, as he led the entire distance in his Terry’s Radiator backed ride. The win was the second of the season for Stapleton. Fast qualifier Chris Parker (13.762) was second, with Logan McPherson third, Brad Yelton fourth and Daniel McPherson fifth. Gregg Jackson won the dash with Daniel McPherson and Scott Jones winning heats.

The Wootens Automotive and Towing of Urbana Street Stocks were up next. It looked like money in the bank for Chris Parker as early front runner Jason Mahaffey and Rob Schaeff tangled will battling for the lead. Parker then took over the lead. Josh Smith tried to challenge Parker but came up just short and could only watch as Parker took the checker. The win was short lived however, as Parker was disqualified for a rules violation, giving the win to Smith in his Smith Motorsports Chevy. Rodney Roush, Chad Small II, Jacob Heckman and Bob Coppock filled the top five. Mahaffey was fast qualifier (14.679), Roush won the dash and Heckman won the heat.

A field of over 30 Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts signed in. The 25 lap feature saw its usual spins before Keven Baggett took over the point. Baggett held off Jimmy McElfresh to take the checker. But as in the street stocks the winner failed a post race inspection, giving the win to McElfresh in his X-Factor Motorsports Cavalier. Fast qualifier (16.965) Bobby Terry was second, with Steve Duty third, Cory Plunkett fourth and Aaron Jewell fifth. Duty took the dash win, with Plunkett and Seth Rager winning heats.

Nick Barrett took top spot in the “B” main.

The Frazier and Parsons Decal and Apparel FOMOCO cars took to the oval next. Zach Beaty Lakins dominated the feature in his Sparks Meats Crown Vic. Nick Barrett chased Lakins across the finish line, followed by Jay Smith, Jimmy McElfresh and Dalton Griffin

The Midwest Champ Karts were also on the schedule. The top four Karts ran in a tight draft nearly the entire race. Cameron Mason was first to the checker, with Erik Wolleson, Chris Peters, and Mike Mason rounding out the top five. Bill Warner and Wolleson were heat winners.

A 100 lap Enduro closed out the nights action. Tim Dovel looked to have the win in hand until with two laps to go, that’s when Bobby Terry took over the lead and the win. Dovel was second, followed by Zach Beaty Lakins, Zach Peterson and Isaiah Markley

Next Saturday (4/30) the CRA Street Stocks will be on hand to run a 150 feature. The first leg of the Ohio 300 for the late models, a 75 lap feature paying $3000.00 to win, with The VORES Compact Series rounding out the night. Racing begins at 6:30

Shady Bowl Speedway Summary 4/23/22

Wooten Automotive and Towing of Urbana Street Stocks:

Fast qualifier: Jason Mahaffey 14.679

Dash winner: Rodney Roush

Heat winner: Jacob Heckman

Feature 25 laps: 1. Josh Smith 2. Rodney Roush 3. Chad Small II 4. Jacob Heckman 5. Bob Coppock 6. Tyler Parker 7. Jason Mahaffey 8. Rob Schaeff 9. Josh Longstreth 10. Brad Blue

Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds:

Fast qualifier: Chris Parker 13.762

Dash winner: Gregg Jackson

Heat winners: Daniel McPherson and Scott Jones

Feature 30 laps: 1. Jerry Stapleton 2. Chris Parker 3. Logan McPherson 4. Brad Yelton 5. Daniel McPherson 6. Gregg Jackson 7. Buck Purtee 8. Scott Jones 9. Hayden Wren 10. Mike Howell 11. Brian Reeser 12. Mike Pippin 13. Austin Eaton 14. Corey Wooten 15. Steve Fowler 16. Mark Timmerman 17. Mike Carroll

Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts:

Fast qualifier: Bobby Terry16.965

Dash winner: Steve Duty

Heat Winners: Corey Plunkett and Seth Rager

“B” Main: Nick Barrett

Feature 25 laps: 1. Jimmy McElfresh 2. Bobby Terry 3. Steve Duty 4. Corey Plunkett 5. Aaron Jewell 6. Dustin Hughes 7. Charlie Hoepker 8. Chase Lang 9. Tony Heath 10. Billy George 11. Timmy Bailey 12. Scott Henson 13. Jake Kohler 14. Austin Greer 15. Chris Prater 16. Chris Hensley 17. Dominic Smith 18. Damien Weigel 19. Billy Hall 20. Jacob Brunke 21. Daylan Karnes 22. Devin Glessner

Frazier and Parsons Decals and Apparel FOMOCO Cruisers:

Fast qualifier: Nick Barrett 17.115

Feature 20 laps: 1. Zach Beaty Lakins 2. Nick Barrett 3. Jay Smith 4. Jimmy McElfresh 5. Dalton Griffin 6. Sam Marquis 7. Bobbie Jo Parsons 8. Fred Triplett 9. Matthew Parsons


Heat winners: Erik Wolleson and Bill Warner

Feature 20 laps: 1. Cameron Mason 2. Erik Wolleson 3, Chris Peters 4, Mike Mason 5. David Johnson 6. Karl Schildbach 7. Bill Warner 8. Dallas Rose 9. Nick Hostetler 10 Noah Wright


100 lap feature: 1. Bobby Terry 2. Tim Dovel 3. Zach Beaty Lakins 4. Zach Peterson 5. Isaiah Markley 6. Nick Dolan 7. Gary Snyder III 8. Damien Weigel 9. Gary Snyder Jr. 10. Maddie Smith 11. Adam Huffman 12. Bobby Sutter 13. Hunter Bussell 14. John Peters 15. David Lockhart 16. Scottie Marquis 17. Red Harrell 18. Nick Barrett 19. Patrick Grody 20. Nicholas Dolan 21. Josh Campbell

Zach Beaty Lakins posted the victory in the Frazier and Parsons Decal and Apparel FOMOCO Cruiser feature.

Josh Smith of Quincy caried the checker for the Wooten Automotive and Towing of Urbana Street Stocks.

Jerry Stapleton of Troy made it two wins in a row in the Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds.

Bobby Terry of Dayton was the winner of the 100 lap Enduro.


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