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Fuelab’s 565 Regulators Find A Home In Their New “PRO Series” Line

The monster 565 series of regulators have been around for some time, but they never really had a place. Fuelab didn’t have a pump that required its massive flow capabilities, but they do now! The 565 Series has now been given a fresh look and will be part of the new “PRO Series” line of parts that Fuelab is offering.

Collinsville, IL – August 2, 2021 – Fuelab has given the tried and true 565 series regulator new digs and a new purpose. The 565 Series of regulators are capable of taming huge electric pumps (like their 40501 PRO Series spur gear pump) and the meanest belt driven mechanical pumps, all with a flat regulation slope.

“Over the last year or so we’ve been developing and endurance testing our 40501 PRO Series spur gear pump, which is available now and on dealer shelves. From the onset of that project, we knew our staple 515 Series regulator would not be up to the task of controlling the pressure of such a large pump. That’s when we looked to our 565 Series. It has been a solid performer for years, typically being sold to those that were using large mechanical pumps or those that were looking to take advantage of its ultra-flat regulation slope”, said Fuelab sales rep, Josh Davis. “We did some testing with it in-house and confirmed that it was the perfect candidate to pair with the 40501 PRO Series spur gear pump, so we gave it the matching matte black finish and welcomed it to the PRO Series family of parts!”

These regulators feature -10AN ports and a massive ½” return orifice for applications well over 2500hp. They’re available in 4-12psi, 10-25psi, 25-65psi, and 40-80psi configurations, and utilize fluorosilicone diaphragms and o-rings, so they’re cross-fuel compatible, just like the rest of the Fuelab line.

MSRP: $342.97

For more information, please log on to or call 618-344-3300.

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