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DEI’s Black Seaming Tape Provides Several Solutions

Use with DEI’s Black Floor & Tunnel Shield kits, or as a standalone universal black tape

AVON LAKE, OHIO – When it’s time to stick together, look for high-adhesive Black Seaming Tape (#10039) from Design Engineering, Inc. Ideal for use with DEI’s popular Black Floor & Tunnel Shield kits, the durable tape also works great as a universal solution on wood, steel, aluminum, plastic and fiberglass. Use it to wrap and protect wires, cables, hoses, fuel lines, seams and more, providing protection from direct heat up to 400°F. “Made with a glass fiber scrim and high-temperature adhesive, this durable black tape hides seams and edges on our Black Floor & Tunnel Shield or can be used by itself to add a quality, professional finish on interior heat and sound-control projects,” says Mike Buca, DEI Product Manager. Offering excellent abrasion and solvent resistance, DEI’s Black Seaming Tape has a low profile at just 0.007" thick, comes in 1.5"-by-15-foot lengths and is made in the USA. By the numbers, the tape delivers:

  • Tensile strength: 175 lbs/in

  • Dielectric strength: 2500V

  • Adhesion to steel: 50oz/in

  • Adhesive: good to 311°F

For more information about Black Seaming Tape (# 10039) and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit


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