Become a Stage 8 Pro Team Member like Steven Olsewski & Billy and Elliot Despain


Meet Stage 8 Pro Team Member Steven Olsewski from California. Steven also owns the website. Here is his story:

Products using: X-Lock Dana 44 Header Bolts LT1

Truck: Class 2000 race truck. (Races MORE Racing series in Southern California, Class 2000 is steel body, leaf spring class) It started out as a stock 2005 GMC Canyon and since has had everything replaced.

Why I Like Stage 8: Off-roading puts a vehicle through some of the harshest conditions and abuse. While racing the last thing you want is a bolt to fail causing you to be taken out of a race or cause damage. With the Stage 8 products we are using we are rest assured that those bolts aren’t going anywhere. The X-Lock on the front spindles gives us plenty of ease knowing those front wheels won’t be going anywhere. Read more here.


Meet Stage 8 Pro Team Members Billy and Elliott Despain of Despain Motorsports out of Campbellsville, Kentucky. Here is their story:

We’ve been using Stage 8 locking header bolts on our dirt track race cars for over 13 years! We absolutely love them because when you get them tight and put clips on, all you have to do is a visual check each week and you know that they are tight. Safety and security are a must in racing. Read more here.

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