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Holley News: Earl’s Releases New -6 AN Fuel Line Kits For Classic Six Pack Muscle Cars

Holley is pleased to announce the release of an awesome new fuel line kit from its Earl's division. A perfect compliment to existing six-pack related product, this new setup ensures safe and reliable fuel delivery while also looking great in your engine bay! - Is your six-pack setup starting to seep fuel or have an odd hesitation? Perhaps you picked up a few odd/end sets from the local swap meet and want to complete the setup? Holley and Earl's carry what you need with service parts, fuel lines and more! Whether you are looking for a rebuild kit, replacement bowls or even an entire carburetor, Holley Performance brands have your back.

Holley Renew Kits

Holley has been a trusted name for performance and reliability for over 100 years and you cannot spend that much time in the industry without learning how to produce quality components! Holley's renew and rebuild kits are a staple in carburetor service parts and are the perfect assortment to refresh that old carb collecting dust. When it is time to update your carburetor, choose Holley for quality and guaranteed fitment!

**Earl's Six-Pack Fuel Line Kits 6 AN** (NEW)

These pre-assembled Mopar Six Pack & 6 Barrel fuel hose kits are an easy bolt-on installation (pre-crimped assembly). The -6 AN hose flows more fuel than the stock OEM 5/16” tubing. UltraPro carburetor hose ends attach directly to most Holley carburetors w/ 7/8”-20 threads on the fuel bowl. UltraPro AN hose is ideal for use with all types of fuels. Choose from kits w/ the black polyester or stainless steel braided hose.

For more information on these products and a complete array of savable high-resolution photos (click image until you reach the largest size, and then right-click the image and click "Save As"), click the links below.

OE Muscle Car Carburetors

Holley still offers original list number carburetors for highly collectible muscle cars. Over time these carburetors have been nearly impossible to find, but no longer. These are NEW nearly exact reproductions of the originals. These carburetors are calibrated as direct replacement for factory muscle cars and retain OE style fuel inlets for use with original, factory lines. All OE vacuum fitting connections remain and the Gold Dichromate finish is perfect for corrosion resistance and ensures that classic Holley looks. Click HERE to see our current line up of Muscle Car Carburetors.

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