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Wayne County Speedway


Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, August 24, 2019

It was the final night of the O’Reilly Auto Parts ‘Race to the Championship’ points at Wayne County Speedway Saturday on Ray’s Garage night and when it was over and done with, Dean Jacobs picked up the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprint title while Doug Drown, who did not race Saturday night, had built up a big enough points lead to capture the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock crown as Brad Hensel collected the JOYRIDE Transport Mini Stock championship. The Malcuit Tavern Super Late Model title was decided last Saturday night with Drown also taking the top spot.

Penngrove California’s Buddy Koifoid made his first return to ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’ since June when he won the All Star Speedweek finale that netted him $10,000 and Saturday night after he won his heat race, would start outside front row and the only thing that slowed the Ed Neumeister Racing, Linder’s Speed Equipment and Gill Construction #11n of Kofoid , were yellow flags. The feature barely got underway when T J Michael would spin in turn two on the opening lap sending him to the tail of the 22 car field and he would work his way back through the pack to finish third. Kofoid’s fast pace would get the leaders into the back of the field on lap six and on the next circuit, fourth running Danny Mumaw could not avoid a spinning William Aumend and Mumaw would flip in turn four to end both of their nights. Five laps later as Kofoid was sprinting away again, third place Clay Riney was trying to maneuver around a slower car and went to the highside of turn one not knowing Dean Jacobs was there and they would get tangled together with Riney not able to continue and sending Jacobs to the pits for a new tire. Caution flags on laps 13. 15 and 19 for spinning cars would keep the field bunched together but in the final six circuits, Kofoid would dash away as Jamie Myers ran in the runner up position the whole race. At the five to go signal, Nate Reeser was holding on to third place with Michael and Cole Duncan on his tail tank and both would overtake Reeser on lap 23 for third and fourth and Dean Jacobs would slip past on the last lap to grab fifth and it clinched the track championship, his first since 1992. Michael and Duncan also picked up heat wins.

Kyle Moore of Mansfield would take over the driving duties of the Char’s Cars, K & A Tree Service and Rick’s Hauling #21d and he would go flag to flag for the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock win, his first at WCS. Doug Drown, who has posted 8 wins with the Bob Daugherty owned 21d, was not in attendance Saturday night and with the point system being the best 10 points night of the year, Gary Hensel Jr. had a chance to take the championship but he needed to win his heat race and the feature to do that and he was not able to win he heat race but would challenge Moore for the feature win as he would take second from his ninth starting position on lap 4 and would be able to pull alongside Moore in the corners several times but Moore would use the high groove and use his momentum to keep the lead and collect the win, Behind the two front runners, it was a great four car battle for third With Bubba Smith, Brandon Craver, Don Baney and John Wilson. Craver would take third for good on lap 8 from Smith and on the next circuit, Baney would take fourth from Smith as they stayed close together. Wilson’s bid for a top five would end when he spun on lap 11. Smith would finish fifth. Moore and James Alleman would both win their first heat wins of the season.

At the drop of the green flag for the JOYRIDE Transport Mini Stock feature, Cory Staley would lead the way for the opening two laps when Jordan James would take over as Orrville’s Wyatt Zimmerman would take second from Staley on lap five and then Zimmerman and James would duel for the lead on the next two laps going back and forth on each circuit, Zimmerman and his Jerry’s Café, Paul Davis Construction and NewFast Motorsports #14z would take the point for good on lap seven as James kept the pressure on until lap 11 when a wheel broke on his car ending his chances as he pulled off the track. This would put ninth starting Brad Hensel into second but Zimmerman had a big lead, securing him his second win of the season. Hensel would finish second, which netted him the track championship. Filling out the top five were three drivers getting their season best finishes as Brent Boreman was third followed by Ryan Carder and Mark Sibila, who started 18th. Staley, Justin Cranmore and Brad Hensel scored the heat wins as Wayne Newbury captured the last chance race.

The Modifieds made their second appearance of the season and Randy Bauknecht would set the pace on the opening lap and then gave way to Kyle Moore who would lead the final 19 laps and put the Tim Arnold owned #8 into the Summit Racing victory circle. Cautions on laps seven and eight would allow Bauknecht to challenge Moore for the lead on the restarts, but Moore, using his favorite part of the track, the highside, would hold off the challenges. Bauknecht would cause a lap ten yellow as Nathon Loney had slipped past him for second the lap before. On the final restart of the race, Loney could not make a charge on Moore and Moore would expand his lead lap after lap to collect his second win of the night. Loney would be second followed by Scott Peltz. Bauknecht would come back to take fourth as Norm Aronhalt rounded out the top five. Heat wins went to Moore and Loney.

More Contingency Connection ‘Racer’s Rewards’ were available to drivers once again.

Wayne County Speedway now gets set for the biggest week end ever as the Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions sprints will be in for two days of action next week end. Sunday, September 1st will be the Pete Jacobs Memorial that will pay the winner $12,000 as the Super Stocks and Mini Stocks will also be in action. Then on Labor Day Monday, September 2, the ASCoC will be right back with another $5,000 to win Rick Susong Memorial. Sunday times will be the usual 4 pm gates open and racing at 7 pm while Monday’s show will be moved up one hour with gates open at 3 pm and racing at 6 pm. Watch for more information in the next few days about these two races at or on facebook/waynecountyspeedway


Saturday, August 24, 2019


Heat 1 T J Michael, Clay Riney, Jamie Miller, Bryan Nuckles, William Aumend, Cheyne Mixon, Henry Malcuit, Ricky Peterson dns

Heat 2 Buddy Kofoid, Trey Jacobs, Dean Jacobs, R J Jacobs, Troy Kingan, Lance Webb, Cody Bova, Dylan Kingan

Heat 3 Cole Duncan, Danny Mumaw, Nate Reeser, Shawn Hubler, Tyler Dunn, Keith Baxter, Mitch Harble, Ray Miller

Feature Buddy Kofoid, Jamie Myers, T J Michael, Cole Duncan, Dean Jacobs, Nate Reeser, Bryan Nuckles, Keith Baxter, Cody Bova, Tyler Dunn, Mitch Harble, Troy Kingan, Dylan Kingan, Ray Miller, Trey Jacobs, Cheyne Mixon, R J Jacobs, Lance Webb, Clay Riney, Danny Mumaw, William Aumend, Shawn Hubler, Henry Malcuit dns, Ricky Peterson dns


Heat 1 Kyle Moore, Bubba Smith, John Wilson, Brandon Craver, Gary Hensel Jr., Justin Lorentz, Don Lehman, Nick Humphrey, Kevin Ake, Brandon Dormaier

Heat 2 James Alleman, Don Baney, Don Rutt, Chase Alexander, Coty Conway, Curt Zimmerman, Virgil Masters, Luke Sprouse

Feature Kyle Moore, Gary Hensel Jr., Brandon Craver, Don Baney, Bubba Smith, Don Rutt, Justin Lorentz, John Wilson, Curt Zimmerman, Nick Humphrey, Don Lehman, Paul McVicker, James Alleman, Luke Sprouse, Kevin Ake, Coty Conway, Virgil Masters, Chase Alexander dns, Brandon Dormaier dns


Heat 1 Cory Staley, Brent Boreman, Ryan Carder, Chip Patterson, Jimmy Burns, Jolene Voshel, Zach Myers, Darrell Taylor, Molly Rannigan, Colton St. John, Cody Newbury

Heat 2 Justin Cranmore, Jordan James, Kevin Markey, Doug Hensel, Mitch Reichard, Tyler Wiles, Mark Sibila, Wayne Newbury, David Keagy, Cory Cecil

Heat 3 Brad Hensel, Wyatt Zimmerman, Coree Boyd, Clayton Evans, Travis Hutton, David Collins, Pete McCune, Dusty Long, Chaz Dawson, Nova Martin dns

‘B’Main Wayne Newbury, Tyler Wiles, Mark Sibila, Cody Newbury, David Collins, Molly Rannigan, Darrell Taylor, David Keagy, Jolene Voshel, Colton St. John, Pete McCune, Zach Myers, Dusty Long dns, Chaz Dawson Dns, Wes Staley dns, Nova Martin dns

Feature Wyatt Zimmerman, Brad Hensel, Brent Boreman, Ryan Carder, Mark Sibila, Chip Patterson, Coree Boyd, Cody Newbury, Travis Hutton, Cory Staley, Kevin Markey, Jordan James, Clayton Evans, Wayne Newbury, Doug Hensel, Tyler Wiles, Justin Cranmore, Jimmy Burns, Mitch Reichard, David Collins dns


Heat 1 Kyle Moore, Scott Peltz, Randy Bauknecht, Bruce Miller, Goob Grogg, Gary Hensel Jr., Rick Tope, Denny Benjamin, Scott Smith

Heat 2 Nathon Loney, Norm Aronhalt, Robbie Ledger, Mark Gardiner, Allan Baker, Leighton Wetzel, Jeremy Waite, Cody Basinger

Feature Kyle Moore, Nathon Loney, Scott Peltz, Randy Bauknecht, Norm Aronhalt, Mark Gardiner, Gary Hensel Jr., Jeremy Waite, Bruce Miller, Robbie Ledger, Rick Tope, Scott Smith, Denny Benjamin, Leighton Wetzel, Cody Basinger, Allan Baker, Goob Grogg

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