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Racer Rewards Keep Young Driver's Car On the Track

Name: Josh Sheller Series: Road to the Iron Giant Street Stock Touring Series

Tracks: Southern Oregon Speedway, White City, Oregon; Siskiyou Motor Speedway, Yreka, California; Madras Speedway, Madras, Oregon; River City Speedway, St. Helens, Oregon; Douglas County Speedway, Roseburg, Oregon; Grays Harbor Raceway, Elma, Washington; Coos Bay Speedway, Coos Bay, Oregon; Willamette Speedway, Lebanon, Oregon; and Central Washington State Fair Raceway, Yakima, Washington I am 18 years old and reside in Oregon City, but am originally from Portland, Oregon. To pay for my racing, I work construction for the family business, Sheller and Sons Contracting. My race car is a 1979 Camaro. The engine is a Dart race engine and is in the neighborhood of 600hp. We use Hawk brakes, Comp Cams camshaft and MSD ignition. I began racing in the kids division at Madras Speedway at the age of 12. I currently race in the street stock division and travel to every racetrack in Oregon and even go to Washington and California a few times per year. I am proud to be competitive in a Camaro because the division is pretty much dominated by manufactured IMCA stock cars. Last year I finished 4th (of 82) in the Iron Giant series and this year I plan on winning it. I am building a career for myself in racing and without a doubt you will see me on T.V. racing NASCAR in the future.

We have always had sub-par equipment and resources, but we are willing to outwork everyone. Our race team consists of me and my dad - two cars, two drivers. We don't have a pit crew or a shop, as we've built and maintained our cars in the driveway next to the house. It's not easy doing things this way, but it all comes down to how bad you want it. Most of our racing is paid for out of pocket. Racing is pretty much the only thing I care about, and I am building a career for myself in it, so I don't think twice about spending my money on it. I do have a few great sponsors that help a ton such as Full Spectrum Construction and Clackamas Steel & Mfg. Contingency rewards are awesome because they provide hefty discounts on products that we would have to buy anyway. One of the things that I like about the Contingency Sponsors is that they are companies that sell top notch equipment, so we are not in any way cheeping out by redeeming our coupons. Obviously, racing is wildly expensive and if you're not careful you can go broke in the blink of an eye. With the help of the Contingency book we are able to stay on the road and above water. In the second race of the season this year we had an oil pump seize, which cracked our cam. We used our coupon to order a new cam from Comp Cams and saved more than $75.

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