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Rico Races To MOWA Win At Lincoln Speedway

(Lincoln, IL) It was an absolutely picture perfect Friday night in Central Illinois the one and only visit of the Built Ford Tough MOWA Sprint Cars presented by Morrow Brothers at Lincoln Speedway. The pits were packed, on Lincoln Courier night, with five divisions of racing and the fans saw a good show throughout the evening.

27 winged warriors of the Built Ford Tough MOWA Sprint Cars filled the pits with 22 stars making the A-Main event. Fan favorites, Rico Abreu and Parker Price-Miller raced to the front of the 25-lap A-Main event with Abreu holding a pretty wheel. Price-Miller wasn’t far behind, however, just waiting for a mistake to be made. As the laps wound down, Abreu had his hands full, working heavy lapped traffic with Price-Miller hot on his heels. In fact, a couple of times, Price-Miller edged ahead for the lead. The race went green until the competitors were on the final circuit, as Paul Nienhiser’s #9 slammed the catch fence in turn one, resulting in a red. With 24 complete, the field had a green-white-checkered to determine the winner. Abreu, the St. Helena, CA driver pulled ahead by several car lengths and claimed the feature victory. Price-Miller finished second with Jason Keith, Jordan Goldsberry, and Austin McCall completing the top five.

Ryan Little, of Springfield, IL, led the first 11 laps of the Midwest Big Ten Series Pro Late Model event. Denny Woodworth, from Mendon, IL, was running a close second and made a move on lap twelve to take the lead, right before the race was slowed for a yellow. Back to green, Woodworth pulled out front with Jake Little, his opponent for the 2019 track championship, moving into second. As the checkered fell, it was Woodworth claiming the win, Jake Little second, and Ryan Little third. Chris Dick and Colby Sheppard completed the top five in the 16-car field. With the win, Woodworth now has a 2-point advantage in the track standings over Jake Little.

The DIRTcar Modified event had a few different leaders with some tight action up front. The track was dry-slick for the event, with drivers searching for the quick way around. Brandon Roberts led the first lap before Kelly Kovski moved into the lead. Kovski, in fact, would lead through lap eight before Austin Lynn found some traction 1.5 lanes off the bottom to squeeze around the veteran. Once out front, Lynn checked out like it was 11 AM at the Hampton Inn. Meanwhile, Kovski’s run came to an end for a flat tire. At the end, it was Austin Lynn claiming his second feature win of the year, followed by Brian Lynn, Brandon Roberts, Trevor Neville, and Austin Charron.

Polesitter, Patrick Ryan, was impressive early in the 15-lap Nutech Seed DII Midget feature event. Ryan was holding off challenges from division hotshoe Andy Baugh. Baugh, though, showed his usual strength on lap seven and took the lead away. By the end, Baugh would stretch it out for his fifth feature win in six races. Ryan took second with Bret Tripplett third, Jeff Sparks fourth, and Mark McMahill fifth. No one accepted the Nutech Seed Front Row Challenge so the bonus money goes to $600 at next Sunday’s event.

The DIRTcar KidModz feature had just two participants, with Jeremy Sebens taking the early led. Audrey Gerberding, the other competitor, lost power with just two laps in and retired from the race. The double checkereds wave vigorously from the starter stand as Sebens claimed the win.

Lincoln Speedway will be back in action on Sunday, July 21 with the Central Illinois Nostalgia Reunion featuring Macon & Springfield Speedways. Six divisions will be in action with 305 Sprint Cars, Big Ten Pro Late Models, Modifieds, Nutech Seed DII Midgets, Big Ten Street Stocks, and Hornets. The reunion, which is free to attend, will be held in the pavilion outside of turn one, from 12:00-5:00 PM. It is free to attend with drinks and food on sale. Many nostalgic items will be on display as well as a vintage racecar show.

Pits will open July 21 at 4:00 with grandstands at 5:00, hotlaps at 6:00, and racing at 7:00. Grandstand admission will be $15 with kids 11 and under free.

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Built Ford Tough MOWA Sprint Cars Presented By Morrow Brothers – 1. 24-Rico Abreu; 2. 96-Parker Price-Miller; 3. 28-Jason Keith; 4. 65-Jordan Goldsberry; 5. 6R-Austin McCall; 6. 14-Robbie Standridge; 7. 8S-Steve Short; 8. 47-Terry Babb; 9. 97-Joey Moughan; 10. 83-Bret Tripplett

Midwest Big Ten Series Pro Late Models - 1. 45DW-Denny Woodworth, Mendon, IL; 2. 38J-Jake Little, Springfield, IL; 3. 38L-Ryan Little, Springfield, IL; 4. 22-Chris Dick, Deland, IL; 5. 27-Colby Sheppard, Williamsville, IL; 6. 09-Dane Arvin, Danvers, IL; 7. 33H-Roben Huffman, Midland City, IL; 8. 2C-Colton Billington, Mclean, IL; 9. 10-Blake Damery, Blue Mound, IL; 10. 77-Patrick Younger, Decatur, IL

DIRTcar Modifieds - 1. 72A-Austin Lynn, Mason City, IL; 2. 14-Brian Lynn, Mason City, IL; 3. 35-Brandon Roberts, Ashland, IL; 4. 777-Trevor Neville, Mackinaw, IL; 5. 83-Austin Charron, Peoria, IL; 6. 48-Casey Lappin, Bartonville, IL; 7. 3-Mike Brooks, Peoria, IL; 8. T6-Tommy Sheppard Jr, New Berlin, IL; 9. (DNF) 43-Jared Thomas, Edinburg, IL; 10. (DNF) 10K-Kelly Kovski, Springfield, IL

Nutech Seed DII Midgets - 1. 37-Andy Baugh, Mason City, IL; 2. 23-Patrick Ryan, Springfield, IL; 3. 7X-Bret Tripplett, Lincoln, IL; 4. 55-Jeff Sparks, Mason City, IL; 5. 57-Mark McMahill, Peoria, IL; 6. 19E-Daltyn England, Springfield, IL; 7. 7B-Dave Baugh, Bloomington, IL; 8. 42-Kevin Battefeld, Lewistown, IL; 9. 18-Tori Smith, Chatham, IL; 10. 11-Brandon Smith, Mason City, IL

KidModz – 1. 1. 7S-Jerremy Sebens, White Heath, IL; 2. (DNF) 66-Audrey Gerberding, Rochester, IL

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