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Sponsors and Shops connect with AERA Engine Professional Rewards! It's so simple --- it's ge

Kingsport, TN: Attention all engine builders, machine shops, installers, rebuilders, and performance shops… Did you know the Engine Professional Rewards (EPR) program presented by AERA Engine Builders Association was specifically designed to improve your bottom line? And it’s free to join! For nearly 25 years, Contingency Connection (CC) Racer Rewards has been a tried and proven weekly, grassroots racing program, keeping it simple by putting sponsors where they need to be “at the track with their customers.” And just like the Racer Rewards program, “the AERA Engine Professional Rewards program keeps it simple by directly connecting shops with manufacturers,” said Jackie Ressa, President of Contingency Connection. Originally a small, in-house engine builder program with 200 shops associated with Contingency Connection’s network of tracks and series; the Engine Professional Rewards program has expanded to nearly 3,000 shops with the AERA Engine Builders Association joining as title sponsor and adding their network of member shops to Contingency Connection’s annually growing list. AERA is the preeminent technical resource and industry voice for engine builders, machine shops, remanufacturers, OEM’s, suppliers and service providers worldwide. Jim Rickoff, President of AERA said, “AERA is proud to continue our long-term partnership with Contingency Connection as title sponsor of the AERA Engine Professional Rewards Program. This program not only offers our manufacturers and suppliers a direct connection to large volume shops; it also offers AERA member shops great added value and discounts with no added fees.” And it’s all so simple--it’s genius: Engine Professional Rewards offers FREE manufacturer monetary discounts and valuable tech information to enrolled shops; while at the same time, it increases sales and exposure for suppliers and manufacturers by connecting them directly to high-volume, end-user shops. Every registered shop and AERA member in the U.S., receives a direct mail EPR BOOK featuring over $2,500 of manufacturer discount coupons and rewards at no cost to the shop! Plus, three lucky shops receive Grand Prize packages. Engine Professional Rewards is one of the most important resources used by many engine builders and machine shops across the country. Rhyne Competition Engines in Gary, Indiana is just one of many shops cashing in on the benefits. “We truly love the program and usually end up with only a few pages left in our annual coupon book,” said Mike McKinney, general manager of Rhyne Competition Engines. “We have redeemed coupons from Elgin, JE Pistons, Holley, MSD, Earl’s, and Taylor Cable to name a few.” “As an engine builder, receiving the book is like someone sending you a pocket full of cash with the large amount of savings you get from it. We love the AFR, Melling, Edelbrock, and Russell coupons in particular, because of their ease of use when redeeming.” Engine Professional Rewards coupon values vary by manufacturer ranging from discounts off retail, jobber, and wholesale pricing--and often include free shipping. “We always redeem the coupons that are based off wholesale or engine builder pricing,” McKinney said. “It gives us a little more room to try products we wouldn’t have previously thought to try.” Manufacturers are weighing in on the program as well, “SCAT is extremely pleased to be a part of Contingency Connection’s Engine Professional Rewards program,” said Craig Schenasi of SCAT Enterprises. “They do a great job of keeping SCAT connected with many of our core shop customers, while at the same time, providing new customers with an incentive to consider our brand.” “Edelbrock and Russell have participated in both Racer Rewards and Engine Professional Rewards for many years and for many reasons,” said Mike Rochon, Edelbrock Event Coordinator. “They continue to add benefits to increase the ROI for participating sponsors and offer direct exposure at the grassroots level to performance shops, engine builders, and racers nationwide. Shops interested in jump-starting savings through the EPR program can enroll directly on Contingency Connection’s website or by being a member of the AERA Engine Builders Association. Other benefits of joining the program include monthly e-blasts, tech tips, social media support, videos, sweepstakes promotions, manufacturer links and website links. For more information about Contingency Connection Racer Rewards & Engine Professional Rewards programs visit For more information about AERA visit

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