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Family, friends help Michigan girl to track championship

Please provide a little background about yourself: I’m 16. I have two sisters and a brother. My brother also races and my dad used to race until 2009. I started racing when I was 14. I’ve won about 15 races or so. I was the 2017 points champion at Onaway Speedway, along with rookie of the year there as well.

Do your family and friends support your racing efforts? If so—explain how they contribute?

My family is very supportive, especially my parents and siblings. All of our family and friends come to our races to cheer us on. Some friends and family help at the track when needed, which helps my dad out a lot when he has to go back and forth between my brother's car and my car.

What class and type of car do you run? I run a 1995 Dodge Neon.

Do you race at one local track or do you travel to multiple tracks? Which tracks or series? And how often do you race? I have raced at Kinross Speedpark, Onaway Speedway, Whittemore Speedway and Northern Michigan Speedway since I’ve started racing. I race as much as I can while trying to manage playing softball, as well.

How do you pay for your racing expenses? Personal/Sponsor?

I have a lot of sponsors to help me out during the season and I really appreciate them helping me. My sponsors are Jerry’s Garage, Pellston Animal Clinic, Birchwood Landscape Co., Peggy’s Gardening, Classic Instruments, Boyne City Tire & Brake, Gibson Vinyl Graphics, Sackrider Excavating, Haley’s Plumbing & Heating, Ferguson Plumbing & Heating, Jim’s Radiator Shop, Gene’s Auto Parts, B.C. Pizza, Stinger Construction, Gibson’s Excavating, Jack’s Trucking, Print Room, P.D. Insulation, Willcome’s Wood, and Northern Excavating & Topsoil Inc.

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