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Holley/MSD News Release - NOS Expands Lineup With New NOS Kits, Components, & Accessories

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of a large assortment of NOS nitrous kits and components – complete nitrous kits and plate-only kits for Ford Coyote equipped 2011-17 Mustangs, Hi-Ram LS manifold micro-switch kits, Sniper fuel and nitrous solenoids, fittings, adapters, and weld-in nozzle fittings.

FORD COYOTE COMPLETE NITROUS KITS NOS has developed a complete wet nitrous kit for 2011-17 Ford Mustangs with Coyote engines that features NOS' mini two-stage progressive controller for exceptionally smooth power delivery. The plate is made from billet 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized black for a stealth look under the hood. There's also a stainless steel solenoid bracket with custom-bent hard lines for a clean, professional install. FORD COYOTE PLATE-ONLY KITS

Looking for a little more power for your Ford Coyote engine but don't need a complete nitrous kit? NOS' plate-only kits are developed specifically for OE 80mm throttle bodies and form the perfect base from which to build your own custom nitrous kit. Anodized black to add a stealth look to any engine compartment and able to support up to 250 rear-wheel horsepower, they're made of half-inch 6061-T6 aluminum and come complete with extra-long stainless steel mounting bolts and the exact jetting required for an extra 75, 100, 125, or 150 horsepower. HI-RAM LS MANIFOLD MICRO-SWITCH KITS Hi-Ram LS Manifold Micro-Switch Kits are the solution if you have a Holley Hi-Ram intake that could benefit from a wide-open-throttle switch. Made of super-strong 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized black, they look right at home on any LS engine and install in just minutes right under the existing throttle-cable bracket. They're ideal for stand-alone nitrous systems and for switching a device (such as an air-conditioner compressor or alternator-field winding) based on wide-open throttle. Special slotted mounting holes make for easy adjustments. SNIPER FUEL AND NITROUS SOLENOIDS NOS' line of budget-friendly Sniper nitrous products just got even bigger. A great place to start when adding more power to existing Sniper kits or for building your own custom nitrous system, these large-body solenoids are engineered specifically to support extra power. For up to 250 horsepower choose part number 18018NOS, and for up to 400 horsepower go with part number 18087NOS. FITTINGS AND ADAPTERS Bolstering its already comprehensive line of fittings, adapters, pre-made hoses, and specialty plumbing components, NOS is releasing all-new distribution blocks, flare jet holders, and fuel and nitrous fittings to make plumbing any custom nitrous system quick and easy. Take your pick from port distribution blocks perfect for NOS 3-stage dry nozzles, black flare jet fittings, black 4AN flare to 1/8” pipe fittings, black 6AN flare to 3/8” pipe fittings, or blue 6AN flare to 3/8” pipe fittings. WELD-IN NOZZLE FITTINGS To reduce the time and effort required to set up intake manifolds for a direct-port nitrous system, NOS has developed machined and threaded weld-in fittings. Made from half-inch 6061-T6 aluminum round stock and machined to an overall length of 3/4-inch, they feature 1/16-inch pipe threads tapped into one end with a 1/4-inch "through hole" that make what was once a tedious task a cinch.

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