New! GM AFX Body Pro-Touring GT Front Brake Kits - Release from Wilwood

Wilwood Disc Brakes Announces New Pro-Touring GT Front Brake Kits for the GM AFX Body Series

Wilwood’s Pro-Touring GT brake kits, designed for OE spindles on the popular GM A, F, and X body muscle cars, are fortified to deliver big brake performance and durability on dual-sport style vehicles competing in autocross and street car “shootout” events. Aerolite 6R and Superlite 6R Quick-Silver nickel finish six piston calipers and BP-20 compound SmartPads are combined with 14.00” or 12.88” diameter Spec37 alloy GT series rotors dynamically mounted to forged aluminum hubs. GT kits can be used manual or with power assist and the appropriately sized master cylinder to provide consistent response, high fade resistance and ultimate reliability on the street or track. MSRP starts at $2,015.94.

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