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Kingsport, TN: Contingency Connection continues to announce new sponsors for their popular Racer Rewards and Engine Professional Rewards programs: SCAT Enterprises, Procar Seats by Scat, UCoat It Garage, Straub Technologies, ProCote Floor Coating, Renegade Race Fuel and Design Engineering, Inc (DEI)have all signed on for 2017 joining the largest grassroots, weekly motorsports event-marketing platform in the country!

Contingency Connection’s Racer Rewards program is a weekly, grassroots-level contingency program which rewards local racers with money-saving discounts from TOP performance manufacturers. Racers at participating tracks and series simply run sponsor decals for products they use (or would like to use) in order to earn the manufacturer rewards coupons.

In turn, the AERA sponsored Engine Professional Rewards links manufacturers directly to 2,500 plus performance shops, engine builders, installers and machine shops in the United States and Canada. This all-encompassing “shop oriented” marketing plan is comprised of a direct-mail Engine Professional coupon book, season-long full color ad, videos, sweepstakes, website links and e-blasts; promoting participating manufacturer products, technical information, and advertisements directly to shops.

“We are thrilled to welcome new manufacturers to the Contingency Connection family,” Jackie Ressa from Contingency Connection said. “Their commitment to our program is a true testament of their support for grassroots, weekend warrior racing. Watch for many more announcements over the coming weeks as manufacturers are shifting to bottom-up marketing. Think locally, grow nationally.”

SCAT Enterprises has been manufacturing high-performance parts for more than 50 years, and is the authority on aftermarket crankshafts and connecting rods.

PROCAR Seats by Scat has been a top choice for aftermarket automotive seating since 1982. Procar style, comfort, and quality compliments the interior of any automobile, street rod, cruiser, pony car, muscle car, jeep, off-road buggy, truck or sport compact at an affordable price.

UCoat It Garage manufactures true, commercial-grade epoxy floor coating systems for DIY-ers, a must-have for shops and home garages to protect the floor from chemicals and abrasions.

ProCote Floor Coating Systems provides high-quality, custom floor coating solutions for shops and manufacturers; commercial and industrial customers applied by the professionals from ProCote.

Straub Technologies believes that every camshaft is “a true custom design, built specifically for each individual customer and combination.” They look at factors like car weight, engine size, heads, compression, transmission, converter, gear, tires and, most of all, intended use. This attention to detail is what separates Straub Technologies’ products from the one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf cam.

Renegade Racing Fuel is thee #1 leader in the research, selling and marketing of innovative, high value, high quality racing performance products. They accomplish this by ensuring that their products and level of service are of the highest quality, and provide long-term value, as well as maintaining a level of excellence in the execution of operations which puts all competitors to shame.

DEI is one of the foremost suppliers of thermal tuning products, featuring products for racers, street performance enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. In addition to supplying the performance aftermarket with thermal tuning products, Design Engineering, Inc. serves the needs of the powersports, marine, industrial and commercial industry markets the world over.

For more information on the Racer Rewards program, Engine Professional Rewards program, or any of their sponsors, visit

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