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Sage Dominates Stookey Memorial - Shadybowl Speedway Results

DeGraff OH (6/10): The 62 lap Ken Stookey Memorial Classic topped a night of speed at Shady Bowl Speedway Saturday (6/10). The 62 lap street stock feature paid $2000.00 to win.

A field of 20 street stocks took the green to start the 62 lap feature. Rodney Roush led the first four circuits before giving way to Piqua’s Josh Sage. Sage quickly showed he was the man to beat in his Wyandt and Silvers backed racer. Sage was so dominate that when the race was over there were only three cars on the lead lap. The win was the first of the season for the veteran driver. Roush held on for second, with Rob Schaeff third, Nic Burnside fourth and Chad Small II fifth. Jacob Muncy was fast qualifier. The Ohlinger Automotive Hard Charger Award went to Chester Frazier.

In late model action Dayton’s Don Mahaffey Jr. and former track champion Matthew Parsons battled all the way to the checker before finishing in that order. Mahaffey, behind the wheel of his Hanger 18 Race Cars also was fast qualifier. Kenny George Jr, Caleb Reschar and Jim Lewis Jr finished third thru fifth in the 35 lapper. George won the dash, with Reschar carrying the checker for the heat race. The Amsoil Hard Charger Award ended in a tie as Mahaffey and Lewis shared the award.

The 30 lap modified feature saw Mike Pippin lead the first two counters before giving way to Jason Burnside. On lap 13 Springfields Shane Shirk took over the point. Shirk led the rest of the way in his Maplewood Tree Service sponsored open wheeler. Greg Stapleton was second, with Brian Brandyberry third, Logan McPherson fourth and Buddy Townsend fifth. Shirk was fast qualifier and also won the DeGraff Service Center Hard Charger Award. Brandyberry took the dash, with heats going to Chris Prater and Jerry Stapleton.

The pure stock 10 lap feature went to New Carlisle driver Zack Doolin. Doolin, sponsored by Whiteline Designs has been the man to beat as he has dominated the class. John Eastman, Ryan Tamburro, Jason Purtee and Rob Bryant filled out the top five. Purtee was fast qualifier.

In compact racing Josh Foltz picked up his fourth feature of the season. The New Carlisle driver was behind the wheel of his RamRod Motorsports Neon. Cody Wynn was second, with Corey Kyer third, Mike Wintrow fourth and Larry Adams fifth. Foltz picked up the Quick Parts Hard Charger Award.

Bob Brown was the winner of the spectator drag race, with Chad Owens second.

On Saturday 6/17 the Bowl will host the annual Bobby Korn Memorial for the late models. Korn was a local car builder who had cars that ran all over the country from Daytona to Shady Bowl. The 72 lap feature will pay $1720.00 to win. The modifieds, street stocks, pure stocks, compacts and spectator drag races are also scheduled. Racing will begin at 7.

Summary of Racing at Shady Bowl Speedway 6/10/17

Street Stocks:

Fast qualifier : Jacob Muncy 14.743

Feature: 62 Lap Ken Stookey Classic $2000.00 to win: 1. Josh Sage 2. Rodney Roush 3. Rob Schaeff 4. Nic Burnside 5. Chad Small II 6. Robert Roush 7. Chester Frazier 8. John Hicks 9. Josh Longstreth 10. Aliza Snapp 11. Richard Roush 12. Jacob Muncy 13. Shawn Stansell 14. Jim Lewis Jr. 15. Josh Plummer 16. Rex Purtee 17. Dylan Little 18. Dillon Snapp 19. Jacob Heckman 20. Tim Hines

Ohlinger Automotive Hard Charger Award: Chester Frazier

Late Models:

Fast qualifier: Don Mahaffey Jr. 13.315

Dash winner: Kenny George Jr.

Heat winner: Caleb Racshar

Feature 35 laps: 1. Don Mahaffey Jr. 2. Matthew Parsons 3. Kenny George Jr. 4. Caleb Reschar 5. Jim Lewis Jr. 6. Dave Sage 7. Buddy Townsend 8. Larry Kemp 9. Brandon Basye 10. Denny Staten

Amsoil Hard Charger Award: Don Mahaffey Jr and Jim Lewis Jr.

Pure Stocks:

Fast qualifier: Jason Purtee 16.775

Feature 10 laps: 1. Zack Doolin 2. John Eastman 3. Ryan Tamburro 4. Jason Purtee 5. Rob Bryant


Fast qualifier: Shane Shirk 13.791

Dash winner: Brian Brandyberry

Heat winners: Jerry Stapleton and Chris Prater

Feature 30 laps: 1. Shane Shirk 2. Greg Stapleton 3. Brian Brandyberry 4. Logan McPherson 5. Buddy Townsend 6. Jason Burnside 7. Daniel McPherson 8. Carl Stapleton 9. Gregg Jackson 10. Jerry Stapleton 11. Rob Dutra 12. Chris Prater 13. Don Skaggs 14. Mike Pippin 15. Steve Snapp 16. Andy Bohn

DeGraff Service Center Hard Charger Award: Shane Shirk


Feature 20 laps: 1. Josh Foltz 2. Cody Wynn 3. Corey Kyer 4. Mike Wintrow 5. Larry Adams 6. Ryan Tamburro 7. Dillon Higginbotham

8. Steven McCoy 9. Alex George

Quick Parts Hard Charger Award: Josh Foltz

Spectator Drag Race:

1. Bob Brown 2. Chad Owens

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