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Topete, Begeman & Renth join Stage 8 Pro Team

PRO TEAM PROFILE: EDWIN TOPETE Meet Stage 8 Pro Team Member Edwin Topete from Lawndale, California. Here is his story: I’ve been using nothing but Stage 8 locking fasteners from the day I purchased my own set to try out on my personal car for some long tube headers (2013 Shelby GT500). I love how easy they were to use and the peace of mind they give you knowing they‘re not going to back out or get loose over time or over passes. I immediately knew these are the ones I’m going to be recommending and using to install on all my customers’ cars when they ask what hardware to go with. Not only are their header manifold bolts good, but their mid pipes are amazing. I have tons of customers come in asking me to tighten their midpipe over and over and after the 2nd or 3rd time, I always tell them to treat themselves to some Stage 8 locking fasteners, and you don’t have to visit me ever again for that problem. Don’t sleep on these, no need to do the job 2x. Get it done right the first time! Top Notch Performance.

PRO TEAM PROFILE: TOBY BEGEMAN Meet Stage 8 Pro Team Member Tobert “Toby” Begeman. He winters in Florida and goes back home to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the rest of the year. Here is his story: We have a luxury motorhome, and the bolts on the slideout motors kept coming loose. It’s a common problem,. We saw an ad for their automotive locking fasteners and called Stage 8 to create a custom solution, and they did! Stage 8 is the absolute answer to loose bolts. Thanks to Stage 8, we never have to worry about bolts backing out again.

PRO TEAM PROFILE: CLAYTON & ALICIA RENTH Meet Stage 8 Pro Team Members Clayton and Alicia Renth from Aviston, Illinois. Clayton says this: I’ve had Stage 8 locking fasteners on my ‘92 Mustang LX for the last 15 years with ZERO issues. I will be coyote swapping it this next winter and it will once again have Stage 8 fasteners on it. My wife (she has the 2003 SVT Cobra) and I started Fathead Garage in 2020 as a side venture and I have been plenty busy with OEM and aftermarket repairs when I’m not teaching. As an Automotive Technology Instructor at Lewis & Clark Community College, I know a good product when I see it. Stage 8 is a product we can trust.

MIKE & MAX'S OFFROAD PODCAST: STAGE 8 GIVEAWAY Give a listen to see how you could win TWO sets of our GM-14AX GM Corporate 14-Bolt Kit for Rear Axle/Flange kit!

JOIN THE STAGE 8 PRO TEAM Join the Stage 8 Pro Team — tell us your story, and send in photos or videos with an account of your Stage 8 kit installation to Get a t-shirt and sticker and a chance to win a free kit if we feature your story on Facebook, Instagram or the website.


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