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Thermo-Tec expands grassroots racing sponsorship nationwide with Contingency Connection

[Greenwich, OH] – Thermo-Tec, a leading provider of high-performance heat and sound control solutions, is pleased to announce continuation and expansion of its strategic partnership with Contingency Connection. This collaboration extends Thermo-Tec's unwavering commitment to grassroots racing across the United States and Canada as they recognize the importance of nurturing and empowering local tracks and series.

"We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Contingency Connection and expand our support for grassroots racing at over 1000 events across the USA and Canada," said Randy Pugh, Marketing Coordinator at Thermo-Tec.

As a Contingency Connection Racer Rewards program sponsor, Thermo-Tec reaffirms itself as a steadfast advocate for weekly racing, providing ongoing support to these integral racing institutions. Every week, participants at 46 Contingency Connection Tracks & Series will have the opportunity to vie for exclusive prizes from Thermo-Tec which is a testament to their commitment to rewarding exceptional talent at the grassroots level.

Additionally, Thermo-Tec is thrilled to announce Title Rights sponsorship of the Thermo-Tec Grassroots Racing Bonus honoring one end-of-season champion from each Contingency Connection Track & Series. Select champions will receive a $100 Thermo-Tec gift certificate, which can be used to enhance their racing endeavors and acquire premium heat and sound control solutions from Thermo-Tec's extensive product lineup.

"Local tracks and series play a vital role in fostering passion for our sport,” Pugh said. “Through our contingency awards support and the Thermo-Tec Grassroots Champions Bonus, we aim to provide invaluable recognition and assistance to these talented individuals who fuel the heart of the racing community."

Jackie Ressa of Contingency Connection agrees, “It’s encouraging to see a premier brand like Thermo-Tec prioritize weekly racing in their marketing plan. Through our online and onsite national marketing efforts, the Thermo-Tec brand will be everywhere grassroots including street, drift, paved, grudge, dirt, drag, speedboat, and other types of racing.”

Thermo-Tec's comprehensive range of products, including exhaust wraps, heat barriers, sound control materials, and more, are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Thermo-Tec continues to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions that optimize performance, reduce heat, and enhance overall racing experiences.

For more information about Thermo-Tec and its partnership with Contingency Connection, please visit,, or contact

About Thermo-Tec: Thermo-Tec Automotive Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and provider of high-performance heat and sound control solutions for the automotive and racing industries. With a commitment to excellence, Thermo-Tec offers a comprehensive range of products designed to improve performance, reduce heat, and enhance the overall driving experience.

About Contingency Connection: 30 years running, Contingency Connection is the leading grassroots racing motorsports sponsorship platform in North America. The Racer Rewards program and the Engine Professional & Performance Shops Rewards program connect racers, fans, tracks, series, and performance shops with sponsors, manufacturers, and suppliers. Contingency Connection fosters growth for grassroots racing delivering national sponsorship to local racing communities, while providing an affordable approach for performance manufacturers to reach target end-users. Contingency Connection ensures racers receive the recognition and rewards they deserve.


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