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Shady Bowl puts one on the books as rain abates

DeGraff OH (5/28): Shady Bowl Speedway finally got a full program of racing in Saturday night after another rain out. Mother nature blessed the country oval with beautiful weather as fans and drivers joined in the celebration of Memorial Day. The track opened its arms to all members of our military both active and retired as they were admitted free to the grandstand for a night out. Taps was played to honor those who are no longer with us. All those at Shady Bowl Speedway thank them for their service. There was also a parade of race cars that circled the track with American flags on each car. The drivers and car owners who were in the parade put their cars on the track ran several laps, without a mention of the high fuel cost. It just goes to show the Bowl not only has some of the best pavement short track drivers in the country, but some of the best people also.

The Wooten Modified Automotive and Towing Modifieds 30 lap feature former saw former track champion Mike Carroll take command on lap one.

Carroll led the first ten counters before fast qualifier (13.754) Chris Parker took over the point. It was all Parker from that point on, as he dominated the balance of the race in his Francis Engines open wheeler. Logan McPherson got by Carroll to finish second, with Carroll finishing third, Daniel McPherson and Jerry Stapleton fifth. Buck Purtee won the dash, with Carroll taking the heat.

The Wooten Automotive and Towing of Urbana Street Stocks saw fourteen cars take the green. Chad Small II powered his way out front on lap one. Nine- time track champion Rodney Roush passed him on lap eleven to put his Roush and Sons Racing Chevelle out front. The win wasn’t easy for Roush, as he had to fight off Chris Parker and Josh Smith on several restarts. Parker ended up second and fast qualifier (14.644) Smith third. Dash winner Jim Lewis Jr. was fourth and Jason Mahaffey fifth. Nate Purtee and Brad Blue notched heat wins.

The Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts started on a sad note, as the track remembered driver Jimmy Massengill. Massengill tragically passed away three weeks ago to a heart issue. He had just put the finishing touches on a new car for this season. His family was on hand, and watched as his son paced the field for the compact main. Jeremy Niswonger led the first three laps before Nick Hall sped by. Hall however broke out was forced restart on the tail. Niswonger led lap five before giving way to Seth Rager for a lap. Niswonger regained the lead on lap seven and led thru lap nineteen, when Bobby Terry of Dayton took over. The race for second spot was intense with five cars swapping paint and positions every lap. Terry in his Seiter Services Cavalier backed racer was chased across the line by Jimmy McElfresh, Niswonger, dash winner Devin Glessner and Rage. Cory Plunkett was fast qualifier (16.706), with Jake Kohler and Dustin Hughes winning heats. Michael Litchfield carried the checker for the “B” main.

Buck Purtee of DeGraff swept the Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Cars, setting fast time 15.393, winning the dash and the feature in his L&B Auto Monte Carlo. Corey Wooten ran a strong second to Purtee in the feature followed by Scott Drake, Brad Blue and Brandon Helton. Hunter Hicks was the heat winner.

The Frazier/Parsons Designs FOMOCO Cruisers wrapped up the nights action. When the checker flew it was a familiar face holding the checkered flag, as New Carlisle resident Zach Beatty-Lakins again put his Accel Automotive Ford in victory lane. Jay Smith, Craig Boling Jr., Nate Wilcoxon and Bobbie Jo Parsons. Sam Marquis was fast qualifier (16.990, the dash win went to Craig Boling Jr. and the heat was won by Hunter Hicks

This Saturday (6/4) the Bowl will hold the second leg of the Ohio 300 for the Dave Nagel Excavating LLC late models. The first race was won by Jim Lewis Jr. Each race is a 75 lap feature paying $3000.00 to win. One of the craziest races of the year will also be on the schedule as the “Wet and Wild Enduro” will be on. Fans will be able to bring water cannons, water balloons and squirt guns to pelt cars and drivers when they stop. The Wooten Automotive and Towing of Urbana Street Stocks, The Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts and the Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Cars will be in action. Racing will start with dashes and heats at 6:30

Shady Bowl Summary 5/28/22

Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds:

Fast Qualifier: Chris Parker13.754

Dash Winner: Buck Purtee

Heat Winner: Mike Carroll

Feature 30 laps: 1. Chris Parker 2. Logan McPherson 3. Mike Carroll 4 .Daniel McPherson 5. Jerry Stapleton 6. Austin Eaton 7. Buck Purtee 8. Hayden Wren 9. Scott Jones 10. Mike Howell 11. Skylar Mueller 12. Steve Fowler 13. Jason Kidd

Wooten Automotive and Towing of Urbana Street Stocks

Fast Qualifier: Josh Smith 14.644

Dash winner: Jim Lewis Jr.

Heat winners: Nate Purtee and Brad Blue

Feature 25 laps: 1. Rodney Roush 2. Chris Parker 3. Josh Smith 4. Jim Lewis Jr. 5. Jason Mahaffey 6. Jacob Heckman 7. Peyton Burba 8. Bob Coppock 9. Richard Roush 10. Tyler Parker 11. Nate Purtee 12. Chad Small II 13. Rob Schaeff 14. Brad Blue

Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts:

Fast qualifier: Corey Plunkett 16.706

Dash winner: Devin Glessner

Heat winners: Jake Kohler and Dustin Hughes

“B” Main winner: Michael Litchfield

Feature 25 laps: 1. Bobby Terry 2. Jimmy McElfresh 3. Jeremy Niswonger 4. Devin Glessner 5. Seth Rager 6. Zach Doolin 7. Steve Duty 8. Keven Baggett 9. Charlie Hoepker 10. Dusty Harding 11. Tony Heath 12. Jaron Fields 13. Nick Hall 14. Jordon Sage 15. Dominick Smith 16. Barry Moore 17. Scott Henson 18. Timmy Bailey 19. Alex Young 20. Billy George 21. Michael Litchfield 22. Jimmy Devuono 23. Damien Weigel 24. Jake Kohler 25: Dustin Hughes

Bullet Liner of Dayton Thunder Cars

Fast qualifier: Buck Purtee 15.393

Dash winner Buck Purtee

Heat winner: Hunter Hicks

Feature 20 laps: 1. Buck Purtee 2. Corey Wooten 3. Scott Drake 4. Brad Blue 5. Brandon Helton 6. Robert Roush 7. Corey Plunkett 8. Hunter Hicks 9. Bob Coppock

10. Richard Roush

Frazier/Parsons Designs FOMOCO Cruisers

Fast Qualifier: Sam Marquis 16.990

Dash winner: Craig Boling Jr.

Heat winner: Nate Wilcoxon

Feature 20 laps: 1. Zach Beaty-Lakins 2. Jay Smith 3. Craig Boling Jr. 4. Nate Wilcoxon

5. Bobbie Jo Parsons 6. Sam Marquis 7. Curt Frazier 8. Fred Triplett 9. Dalton Griffin 10. Patrick Grody 11. Gaven Wilcoxon

Zach Beatty-Lakins

Buck Purtee

Chris Parker

Bobby Terry

Rodney Roush

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