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Mahaffey Carries Checker for Korn Memorial

DeGraff OH 6/26: The temperatures were near ninety degrees when the pit gates opened at Shady Bowl Speedway Saturday. The hot temps made for some great racing, with six classes of cars racing Shady Bowl style. The event was the Korn Memorial held in honor of Jesus Christ and loved ones we have lost. Bobby Korn and Lil Bobby Korn of Miamisburg OH built some of the most potent Ford powered cars in the Midwest for over 50 years. His grandson Lil Bobby joined the team in the later stages and worked with his grandfather on the familiar #72. Tragically both have passed. The Dave Nagel Excavating Late Models ran a 72 lap feature for a top finishing spot payoff of $1722.

Seventeen cars took the green for the 72- lap grind with Jim Lewis Jr. jumping out front from his front row starting spot. Lewis set a torrid pace with Jake Hinton riding his bumper. Fast qualifier (13.789) Don Mahaffey Jr made his way to Lewis’s back bumper and got by on lap 45. Mahaffey put the pedal down on his Hanger 18/Quick Parts Chevy as he headed for the checker. He had to survive several restarts with Lewis as a result of minor spins, one of which put him at the rear of the field early. But he finally reached the checker first for his first win of the season. Lewis could only watch as the former track champion sped under starter Charlie Giffords checker. Lewis is having a stellar season and is overdue for a win in the former John Stroble ride. Ryan Fleming had a rough night as he tried several times to turn the Bowl into a half-mile but settled for third. Defending track champion Matthew Parsons was fourth and Terry Fisher Jr fifth. Tony Dager was the dash winner, with Scott Drake and Neil Richardson taking heat honors.

The Adams Automotive Street Stocks lined up next for their 25-lap feature. Fifteen cars started the race with second generation- driver Nate Purtee leading lap one. On lap two he was passed by his cousin Buck Purtee, also a second- generation driver. Purtee held the lead in his 58 Ford until lap eleven, when Piqua’s Josh Sage took over the lead. Rodney Roush ran Sage down, but was unable to pull off the pass. The duo are in a tight points battle as Roush tries for his 10th track championship. Sage had the best of it this night to post his second feature win in his Jason Spurgeon Trucking Monte Carlo. Buck Purtee was third, with Phil Gussler Jr fourth and Nate Purtee fifth.

The Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifeds competed in a 30 lap feature. Daniel McPherson led the first eighteen counters with pressure from his brother Logan and Mike Carroll. Logan got by Daniel on lap 18 with Carroll in tow. Logan led until lap 24 before slipping high going into turn three allowing Carroll to take over the led he held until the checker in his Village Growers open wheeler. Logan and Daniel McPherson finished second and third, with fast qualifier (13.930) Chris Parker fourth and Gregg Jackson fifth. Carroll won the dash, with Zach Brandyberry winning the heat.

The Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts had 24 cars take the green flag to start the main. Seth Rager led the first two circuits before Chase Lang led the parade for five laps. Columbus driver Michael Litchfield then took over the lead and looked back as he led the remaining laps to carry the checker. Charlie Hoepker, Mike Wintrow, Larry Adams and Lang rounded out the top five. Rob Taylor IV and David Asher won the “B” mains.

The Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Cars were up next. Bob Coppock was out front the first three laps before giving way to Union OH driver Brad Blue. Blue powered his Sandblasting of Urbana Monte Carlo to his second win of the season. Fast qualifier (15.732) Robert Roush was second, with Brandon Helton third, Scott Drake fourth and Hunter Hicks fifth. Curtis Noble was the dash winner, the heat win going to Corey Wooten.

The Noble Armor Coating Adult Crown Vics rounded out the nights action. Zach Beatty-Lakins, back after a hard crash a month ago led the first six laps before giving way to Columbus driver Jimmy McElfresh on lap seven. McElfresh put his Salt Creek Off Road Crown Vic out front the rest of the way to notch his second win of 2021. Sam Marquis, Curtis Noble, Alex Zerkle and Beatty-Lakins rounded out second thru fifth. The race was red flagged on lap two when Mick “The One- Man Thrill Show”. Zile hit the turn two wall hard. Zile was uninjured but the car suffered heavy damage. Zerkle and Marquis were heat winners.

Shady Bowl will celebrate the Fourth of July with three nights of racing. On Friday July 2nd from 12-5 will be an open tune and test. The racing will start at 7, with the Must See Sprints, American Vintage Sprint Car Association and Noble Armor Coating Adult Crown Vics. Racing at 7. On Saturday July 3rd, The Dave Nagel Excavating Late Models, Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds, The Adams Automotive Street Stocks, The Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Cars, The Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts and the Midwest Champ Karts. On Sunday July 4th The Modified Madness #3 race for the Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds. A fifty lap feature paying $1500 to win. There will also be a Farmers vs Getting There Challenge for the Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts, a dirt compact against pavement compact challenge. The Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Cars, the Noble Armor Coatings Minor Crown Vics and the King of the Enduro’s, 150 laps of mayham and madness. Racing will start at 2. Campers as always welcome and free. Management does have two requests for our camping friends. Please set your camper up alongside either entrance lane and out front near the road. We must leave the middle open for fans that arrive just for the races. Finally Shady Bowl, like every other business, is having trouble finding employees. You can help by picking up your camping area of all trash, cans, bottles etc. and put in a trash bag for us. Thank you in advance.

Shady Bowl Speedway Summary 6/26/21

Dave Nagel Excavating Late Models:

Fast qualifier: Don Mahaffey Jr. 13.789

Dash Winner: Tony Dager

Heat Winners Scott Drake and Neil Richardson

72 lap Big Bobby and Lil Bobby Korn Memorial: 1. Don Mahaffey Jr. 2. Jim Lewis Jr. 3. Ryan Fleming 4. Matt Parsons 5. Terry Fisher Jr. 6. Dearl Parsons 7. Greg Winget 8. Chad Richardson 9. Jake Hinton 10. Tony Dager 11. Jess Drook 12. Scott Drake 13. Buddy Townsend 14. Bill Cantley 15. Jason Mahaffey Jr. 16. Paige Rogers 17. Tyler Parsons

Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds:

Fast qualifier: Chris Parker 13.930

Dash Winner: Mike Carroll

Heat Winner: Zach Brandyberry

Feature 30 laps: 1. Mike Carroll 2. Logan McPherson 3. Daniel McPherson 4. Chris Parker 5. Gregg Jackson 6. Buddy Townsend 7. Ross Klinglehofer 8. Scott Jones 9. Zach Brandyberry 10. Jim Lewis Jr.

Adams Automotive Street Stocks:

Fast qualifier: Rodney Roush 14.853

Dash Winner: Josh Sage

Heat winners: Buck Purtee and Nate Purtee

25 lap-feature: 1. Josh Sage 2. Rodney Roush 3. Buck Purtee 4. Phil Gussler Jr. 5. Nate Purtee 6. Austin Eaton 7. Terry Purtee 8. Chandler Little 9. Roy Barroquillo 10. Nick Frazier 11. Richard Roush 12. Bill Endsley 13. Rob Schaeff 14. Chad Small II 15. Jacob Heckman

Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts:

Fast qualifier: Keven Baggett 16.938

“B” Main winners: Rob Taylor IV and David Asher

25 lap Feature: 1. Michael Litchfield 2. Charlie Hoepker 3. Mike Wintrow 4. Larry Adams 5. Chase Lang 6. Keven Baggett 7. Devin Glessner 8. Ethan Pope 9. Dustin Hughes 10. Aaron Jewell 11. Scott Henson 12. David Asher 13. Rodney George Jr. 14. Ron Wallace 15. Damien Weigel 16. Donnie Eaton 17. Paul Levering 18. Alec Young 19. Seth Rager 20. Bill Ramey 21. Rob Taylor IV 22. David Harris 23. Jaron Fields 24. Tony Heath

Noble Armor Coating Adult Crown Vics:

Heat winners: Alex Zerkle and Sam Marquis

Feature 20 laps: 1. Jimmy McElfresh 2. Sam Marquis 3. Curtis Noble 4. Alex Zerkle 5. Zach Beaty-Lakins 6. Tyler Brandyberry 7. Nate Wilcoxon 8. Chris Prater 9. Troy Shepard 10. John Zornes 11. Brooke Wilcoxon 12. Craig Boling Jr. 13. Mick Zile

Bullett Liners of Dayton Thunder Cars:

Fast Qualifier: Robert Roush 15.732

Dash winner: Curtis Noble

Heat winner: Corey Wooten

Feature 20 laps: 1. Brad Blue 2. Robert Roush 3. Brandon Helton 4. Scott Drake 5. Hunter Hicks 6. Landen Jones 7. Corey Wooten 8. Bill Blue 9. Bob Coppock 10. Curtis Noble

Mike Carroll of Cedarville was the winner of the Wootens Automotive and Towing Modifieds main

Jimmy McElfresh of Columbus won his second Noble Armor Coating Crown Vic main event

Josh Sage of Piqua carried the checker for the Adams Automotive Street Stock feature

Michael Litchfield of Columbus won his first Harrod Septic Solution compact feature

Don Mahaffey Jr and his mother Linda after he won the Dave Nagel Excavating Korn Memorial taking home $1772

Brad Blue of Union OH won his second Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Car feature


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