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Jones Tops Shady Bowl Late Models

DeGraff OH (5/8): The racing started under sunny skies and cool temperatures and ended under cold rainy conditions. Fans got their first look at the Dave Nagel Excavating Late Models after their first race of the season was rained out. The late models ran the first leg of the Ohio 300, a four- race series of 75-lap features paying each race $2000 to win. In addition, the driver posting the most overall points will receive a $1500 bonus.

Jim Lewis Jr. led the 22- car field to the green. Lewis led the first 24 counters in his beautiful Mustang before Springfield’s Kyle Jones sped by. Jones put on a driving clinic as he wove his way thru traffic in his BCM sponsored ride. Lewis and Don Mahaffey Jr were able to run with Jones, but unable to pull off a pass. Jones took the checker, followed by Mahaffey Jr., Lewis Jr, Jake Hinton and Billy Hudson. Ryan Fleming set quick time with a 13.564 lap. Jones won the dash, with Mahaffey Jr and Ralph Harrod winning heats.

The Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds were next up. Ten cars took the green in the 30- lap event. Jerry Stapleton powered his way to the front at the start of the race. Stapleton led the first 12 laps before pitting with mechanical issues. Mike Carroll, A former track champion then took over the point. Carroll looked to be headed to his first win of the season before Chris “Th Dominator” Parker motored by with six laps to go. The win was the second of the season for the defending track champion. Parker was also fast qualifier (13.630). Logan McPherson was the dash winner, with Zach Brandyberry winning the heat.

In Harrod Septic Solutions Compact racing Alec Young of Piqua took the checker in the 25- lap feature. Alec soon went “from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat”, as his car failed a post- race inspection and he was disqualified. The win went to Tony Heath of Piqua for his second win of the season. Devin Glessner, Austin Eaton, Charlie Hoepker and Aaron Jewell rounding out the top five. Keven Baggett set fast time with a 16.753 lap. Heath was the dash winner. with heats going to Young and Scott Henson.

The Midwest Champ Karts were also part of the program. The feature was full of passing and drafting, with Tony Jones passing Scott Parsons at the checker for the win.

The Bullet Liner of Dayton Thunder Cars finished out the night. Scott Drake of Xenia took the checker in a race cut short by a light drizzle to take his second feature of 2021. Curtis Noble, Corey Wooten, Robert Roush and Brandon Helton finished second thru fifth. Brad Blue was fast qualifier with a 15.600 lap.

Next Saturday (5/15) the Bowl will host The Wooten Automotive and Towing Modified Madness Race #1, a 50- lap feature paying $1500.00 to win. The Adams Automotive Street Stocks, The Noble Armor Coating Adult and Minor Crown Vics along with the Harrod Septic Solutions compacts will also be on hand. Racing at 7.

Shady Bowl Speedway Summary 5/8/21

Dave Nagel Excavating Late Models:

Fast Qualifier: Ryan Fleming 13.564

Dash Winner: Kyle Jones

Heat Winner: Don Mahaffey Jr. and Ralph Harrod

Feature: (75 lap) 1. Kyle Jones 2. Don Mahaffey Jr. 3. Jim Lewis Jr. 4. Jake Hinton 5. Billy Hutson 6. Chad Pendleton 7. Matt Jackson 8. Tyler Hufford 9. Shawn Szep 10. Ryan Fleming 11. Bud Perry 12. Bobby Fihe 13. Terry Fisher Jr. 14. James Butler 15. Mark Smith 16. Matt Parsons 17. Ralph Harrod 18. Bill Cantley 19. Kenny George Jr. 20. Jeremy Niswonger 21. Dearl Parsons 22. Joe Fihe

Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds:

Fast Qualifier: Chris Parker 13.630

Dash Winner: Logan McPherson

Heat Winner: Zach Brandyberry

Feature: 1. Chris Parker 2. Mike Carroll 3. Gregg Jackson 4. Logan McPherson 5. Jim Lewis Jr. 6. Zach Brandyberry 7. Scott Jones 8. Hayden Wren 9. Jerry Stapleton 10. Daniel McPherson

Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts:

Fast Qualifier: Keven Baggett 16.753

Dash Winner: Tony Heath

Heat Winners: Alec Young and Scott Henson

Feature: 1. Tony Heath 2. Devin Glessner 3. Austin Eaton 4. Charlie Hoepker 5. Aaron Jewell 6. Damien Weigel 7. Ben Cartwright 8. Larry Adams 9. Justin Kemp 10. Billy Bob George 11. Scott Henson 12. Chase Lang 13. Tim Bailey 14. JD Weaver 15. Keven Baggett 16. Jordan Sage 17. Zach Thornhill 18. Donnie Eaton 19. Dustin Hughes 20. Ethan Pope 21. Devin Wilson Alec Young, Josh Sage and Casey Wynn were disqualified following a post-race inspection.

Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Cars:

Fast Qualifier: Brad Blue 15.600

Feature: 1. Scott Drake 2. Curtis Noble 3. Corey Wooten 4. Robert Roush 5. Brandon Helton 6. Bob Coppock 7. Bill Blue 8. Brad Blue 9. Landen Jones

Midwest Champ Karts:

Fast Qualifier: David Johnson 18.455

Heat Winners: David Johnson and Scott Carson

Feature: 1. Tony Jones 2. Scott Carson 3. David Johnson 4. Karl Schildbach 5. Bill Warner 6. Mike Mason 7. Nick Hostetler 8. Dallas Rose 9. Harleigh Sullivan

Scott Drake won his second Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Car. Isaacs Photos

Tony Heath of Piqua was declared the winner of the Harrod Septic Solutions Compact main.

Chris Parker of Bellefontaine won his second Wooten Towing and Automotive Modified main of 21.

Kyle Jones of Springfield OH won the Dave Nagel Excavating Late Model Main. It was the first leg of the Ohio 300 a 75 lap feature paying $2000 to win.


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