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JMS Chip & Performance Launches New Website, New Products

NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED! We have a new look, if you have not been to in a while, don't wait, GO NOW! We have added loads of new search options and our latest vehicle coverage.

JMS Account Holders

With a new site, comes a few account changes. You will need to set a NEW password. Please go to your account by logging in (press on the icon in the top right corner) and choose "forgot password", enter a new one and that's it. You are all set and ready for more shopping.

TractionMAX Traction Control Device Optimize Acceleration & Traction

Increase Throttle Response

Simple To Install & Waterproof

Dual Adjustment Dials Included

Factory & Aftermarket Tuning Compatible

Supports Most Vehicles

Unplugged Dial Saves the Position of Both Control Dials

Designed & Assembled in the USA

Automatically increase the output of your

fuel pump to support additional horsepower. L

Set Max RPM Limit Up To 8300 RPM With 100 RPM Steps for Race Series Specs

Fully Encapsulated Construction. 12 Pin Deutsch Connector Used for Signal Connections

All Wiring Terminated into Plug N’ Play Weatherpack Connectors

Compatible With 8-Cylinder Racing Engines Triggered by A Magnetic Pickup Distributor Or Crank Trigger

Highly Efficient Switching Power Supply. Less Than 5-Amp Current Draw At 8000 RPM

Specially Designed for: Southern Super Series, CARS Super Late Model Tour and

the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series

Designed & Assembled in the USAarn More A complete plug n' play capacitive

discharge ignition system that has

been designed for professional racing

Smart Spark TA2 Super Speedway Race Ignition Smart Spark TA2 SS - LS: Supports Approved TA2 GM LS Racing Engines (Carbureted LS Engines with 58 Tooth Crank Trigger)

Preprogrammed with Approved TA2 Ignition Timing Advance Tables

Unit Is Sealed for The TA2 Racing Series

Status LEDs - Display Device and Trigger Input Status

Fully Encapsulated Construction

Heavy Duty 12 Pin Deutsch Connectors Used for Signal Connections

Designed & Assembled in the USA

Specifically designed for the Trans

Am TA2 racing series

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