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Jackson dashes to 2nd Wayne County Sprint VICTORY


Orrvile, Ohio

Saturday, August 21, 2021

By Mike Swanger

With two features to finish from the week before, the fans got their monies worth with a total of seven features ran Saturday night and when the night was over, the O'Reilly's Auto Parts 'Race to the Championship' points battle next week with double points on the line, will have two class' with single digit point differences. On Serpentini of Orrville and Wayne County Law Enforcement night, the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints rolled onto the track with Shreve's Trey Jacobs grabbing the point at the drop of the green over Caleb Griffith as the race would get one lap in when Jason Dolick came to a stop on the back stretch. Griffith would give up second on lap four as he got out of shape coming out of turn four as Dean Jacobs and Nick Patterson was able to move past Griffith as Trey Jacobs started to pull away, The red flag waved on lap 7 when Chris Myers tagged the guardrail causing points leader Broc Martin to get upside down with Danny Mumaw and Jon Ivy making contact. Out of those four, only Mumaw could continue. Back to green and Trey Jacobs and his Integrity Auto & Truck Sales, G & W Hauling and Rigging, DAC #3j built up more than a straightaway lead over Dean Jacobs. Patterson, Henry Malcuit and Griffith dueled for third with Andrew Palker, Zach Ames and Mumaw racing for a top five finish. With three circuits to go, Malcuit spun in turn two, ending his chance at a top five. On the final restart, Trey would pull away from Dad, Dean as Griffith slipped past Patterson coming out of turn four with the checkered flag waving for third as Palker took fifth. With his sixth 2nd place finish in the last seven weeks that includes a win in the other week and Broc Martin's 16th place finish this week, Martin has a six point advantage of Dean Jacobs going into next week's double points season championship. Myers and Griffith topped the heat races.

In the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Model main,Orrville's Mitch Caskey would do the same as Trey Jacobs did by taking the point from his outside front row starting spot and lead all the way but he would be pressured for most of the race by J R Gentry, Ryan Markham and Larry Bellman. Five cautions in the first 15 laps kept the front runners bunched together as Gentry tried to wrestle the lead away from Caskey with points leader Markham on their rear bumpers. Gentry's car developed a push in turn four just past the halfway mark as he would slide up the track and allowed Markham to edge past for second. After the last caution on lap 15, Caskey and his Eddleblute's Garage, Mid Ohio Graphics and Dan Weaver Trucking #18 seemed to find a couple extra horsepower and pulles away from Markham for the win. Gentry held on to third with Bellman and Wes Morrison filling out the top five. Heat winners were Gentry and Bellman. With the finish of Caskey and Markham one and two, Markham will have a 4 point lead over Caskey going into next week's season championship.

The CORBON Ammunition Modifieds had double features with Mansfield's Kyle Moore claiming both wins and clinching the track championship with his 10th and 11th wins of the year. In the make up feature, Mark Gardiner set the pace for the opening three circuits before Moore and his Kepling Floors, House of Speed and Arnold Motorsports #1* took over. Gardiner and Scott Peltz worked each other for second with Gardiner holding the upper hand for that spot as Jason King and Ron Miller rounded out the top five. In the regular feature, Barry Jacobs set the pace on the opening lap as Tristan Bickford took the lead on the next trip around and held point for the next five laps when Scott Peltz took over. With a couple of caution flags thrown in on the first half of the race, that allowed Moore to move up close from his 13 starting spot. After a yellow flag at the halfway mark, Moore would put a power slide on Peltz going into turn one and came out of turn two with the lead and drive away for the win. Peltz held off Gardiner for second as Bickford finished fourth ahead of Robbie Ledger. Pocketing the heat wins were Gardiner and Peltz/

Took Wiles had a good lead early on in the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock feature as caution flags would negate his advantage as Kyle Moore would close in setting up the best feature of the night. A lot of contact between the two on lap 12 in turn two but both would keep going with no caution as Wiles held the lead. The yellow would wave right after that for a stopped Curt Zimmerman and on the double file restart. Moore edged past Wiles for the lead and take the R C Kuhn & Sons, CORBON Ammunition and McKenzie Concrete #21d into the Summit Racing victory circle for the 7th time this season. Wiles finished second for the third time this year as Rob Melzer, Don Baney and Brandon Craver filled out the top five as Moore and Took Wiles claimed the heat wins. Moore just needs to start the heat race next week to clinch the championship for the Super Stocks. The JOYRIDE Transport Mini Stocks also had double features with Mansfield's Justin Cranmore going flag to flag in the make up main for his first win aboard the Button's Auto Repair and Smith Welding and Fabrication #2. Mitch Reichard kept the heat on Cranmore for the first five laps before giving way to Doug Hensel as Jordan James and Kyle Petit in hot pursuit. James took second on lap 10 but could not chase down Cranmore in the final laps as Hensel finished third and Petit and Reichard following. In the regular feature, Orrville's Matt Shapaka started in the sixth position and by the end of lap one had the lead and was able to go all the way for his second win in three weeks aboard the Shapaka Motorsports #22. Although he lead all the way James anWAYNE d Hensel kept constant pressure on but with them going back and forth for second allowed Shapake a little breathing room for the win. James and Hensel finished second and third again as Kevin Markey and Johnny Bruce Sr grabbed fourth and fifth. James, Shapaka and Reichard led the way in the heat races. James will need to start the feature next week to win the champioship.

More Contingency Connection 'Racer's Rewards were up for grabs for the drivers once again last night and also for the season.

Season Championships with double points are on the line for all five class' of cars next Saturday night, August 28 as gates will open at 3 pm and racing at 7 pm,


Saturday, August 21, 2021


Fast Qualifier Broc Martin 14.643 seconds

Heat 1 Chris Myers, Broc Martin, Cody Bova, Nick Patterson, Andrew Palker, Jon Ivy, Jamie Miller, Brad Reber, Zach Ames

Heat 2 Caleb Griffith, Henry Malcuit, Dean Jacobs, Trey Jacobs, Danny Mumaw, Jason Dolick, Danial Burkhart, Jonah Aumend, Joe Adorjan

Feature Trey Jacobs, Dean Jacobs, Caleb Griffith, Nick Patterson, Andrew Palker, Zach Ames, Danny Mumaw, Cody Bova, Henry Malcuit, Jamie Miller, Danial Burkhart, Joe Adorjan, Jonah Aumend, Chris Myers, Jon Ivy, Broc Martin, Brad Reber, Jason Dolick


Fast Qualifier J R Gentry 17.270 seconds

Heat 1 J R Gentry, Mitch Caskey, Ryan Markham, Wes Morrison, Craig Hartong, Cameron Tusing, Ricky Holderbaum, Jason Henderson dns

Heat 2 Larry Bellman, Dustin Smith, Nick Cox, Tyler Evans, Ryan Abel, Tristan James, Harold Snell dns

Feature Mitch Caskey, Ryan Markham, J R Gentry, Larry Bellman, Wes Morrison, Nick Cox, Ryan Abel, Ricky Holderbaum, Tyler Evans, Tristan James, Dustin Smith, Cameron Tusing, Jason Henderson, Craig Hartong dns, Harold Snell dns


8-14 Feature Kyle Moore, Mark Gardiner, Scott Peltz, Jason King, Ron Miller, Casey Butler, Scott Smith, Richard Grogg, Connor Blair, Barry Jacobs, Casey Lam, Mark Smith, Denny Benjamin dns, Colton Shaw dns, Cody Basinger dns, Jeff Johnson dns, Jack Waldfogel dns, Dustin Daugherty dns

Fast Qualifier Kyle Moore 18.704 seconds

Heat 1 Mark Gardiner, Tristan Bickford, Robbie Ledger, Casey Butler, Craig Mann, Connor Blair, Kyle Moore, Mark Smith, T A Perrine

Heat 2 Scott Peltz, Barry Jacobs, Jason King, Casey Lam, Tim Mann, Scott Smith, Colton Lehman, Ron Miller, Richard Grogg

Feature Kyle Moore, Scott Peltz, Mark Gardiner, Tristan Bickford, Robbie Ledger, Barry Jacobs, Scott Smith, Craig Mann, Tim Mann, Connor Blair, T A Perrine, Casey Butler, Jason King, Colton Lehman, Casey Lam, Mark Smith, Ron Miller dns, Richard Grogg dns


Fast Qualifier Kyle Moore 19.233 seconds

Heat 1 Kyle Moore, Jimmy Humphrey, Chase Alexander, Rob Melzer, Don Rutt, Zach Myers

Heat 2 Took Wiles, Don Baney, Tyler Wiles, Brandon Craver, Curt Zimmerman, Paul McVicker

Feature Kyle Moore, Took Wiles, Rob Melzer, Don Baney, Brandon Craver, Don Rutt, Jimmy Humphrey, Tyler Wiles, Chase Alexander, Curt Zimmerman, Zach Myers, Paul McVicker dns


8-14 Feature Justin Cranmore, Jordan James, Doug Hensel, Kyle Petit, Mitch Reichard, Kenny Long, Ryan Carder, Johnny Bruce Sr., Jolene Voshel, Dustin Bedlion, Stephen Crowe, Travis Hutton, David Keagy, Kevin Markey, Cody Musselman, Matt Short, Molly Rannigan, Blaine Markey, Clayton Evans, Matt Shapaka, Brad Hensel, Roger Olar dns

Heat 1 Jordan James, Kenny Long, Travis Hutton, David Keagy, Jolene Voshel, Kyle Petit, Molly Rannigan, Johnny Bruce Sr., Brad Hensel dns

Heat 2 Matt Shapaka, Doug Hensel, Kevin Markey, David Dawson, Blaine Markey, Matt Short, Mason Loper dns, Cody Musselman dns, Dustin Bedlion dns,

Heat 3 Mitch Reichard, Justin Cranmore, Ryan Carder, Stephen Crowe, J R Graser, Clayton Evans, Brandon Werntz, Jimmy Burns

Feature Matt Shapaka, Jordan James, Doug Hensel, Kevin Markey, Johnny Bruce Sr., Ryan Carder, David Keagy, Travis Hutton, Kyle Petit, Stephen Crowe, Mitch Reichard, Dustin Bedlion, Jolene Voshel, Blaine Markey, David Dawson, Matt Short, Molly Rannigan, Justin Cranmore, Clayton Evans, Brandon Werntz, Kenny Long, J R Graser dns, Brad Hensel dns, Mason Loper dns, Cody Musselman dns, Jimmy Burns dns

Justin Cranmore winner Mini Stock Division - Make-up Race

Kyle Moore winner Modified Division - Make up race

Trey Jacobs winner Sprint Car Division

Matt Shapaka winner Mini Stock Division

Kyle Moore winner Modified Division

Mitch Caskey winner Late Model Division

Kyle Moore winner Super Stock division


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