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Delaware International

Photos by Jamie Wilson - Landstone Photography   "Millman NAPA Night"

Mel Joseph Jr. - Little Lincoln Classic Auto Racing Series

Robert Smith - Delaware Super Trucks

H.J. Bunting - Big Block Modifieds

H.J. Bunting - Big Block Modifieds 

Matt Hill - Crate Late Models

W.B. James - Small Block Bonus - Big Block Modifieds

James Hill - Crate Modifieds

James Hill picks up his first win of 2024 in the Crate Modifieds.  Celebrates in victory land with his wife Cait and son Cash.

H.J. Bunting (30) battles with JoJo Watson (21) and Carson Wright (91) in the Big Block Modified Feature

H.J. Bunting (30) leads out of turn 2 on his way to win the 25 Lap Big Block Modified Feature. 

H.J. Bunting (30) battles with Brandon Watkins (4) in the Big Block Modified Feature

James Hill (69) battles with Mike White (43) in the feature event.


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