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Contingency Connection, WDRA Sign Multi-year Agreement Benefitting Tracks, Racers

In an unparalleled move, the World Drag Racing Alliance (WDRA) has announced a multi-year partnership agreement with the Contingency Connection to offer an incredible opportunity to WDRA member tracks and racers.

Through an exclusive alliance, the WDRA and Contingency Connection will deliver national sponsorship opportunities to local racetracks. WDRA will offer member tracks a discount towards enrollment in Contingency Connection’s Racer Rewards program. Additionally, Contingency Connection and WDRA will reward each class champion at each of the 2023 WDRA Bracket Finals events and WDRA Sportsman Drag Racing Series World Championships a Racer Awards Book valued at over $4000, totaling a program value of benefits to WDRA racers at $112,000.

In addition to the opportunity to join Contingency Connection at an exclusive discount, one WDRA member track will win a free enrollment into the 2023 Contingency Connection awards program valued at $2850.

Details on this opportunity will be announced soon. In less than 30 days—WDRA has signed 50+ tracks nationwide!

“Our partnership with Contingency Connection is a prime example of WDRA building benefits for our track operators and member racers,” said WDRA President, Don Scott. “Contingency Connection has been providing undeniable value for 30 years with their awards program and allowing racers to save real money on parts and accessories they use on a regular basis. The WDRA is happy to provide a chunk of the cost toward providing that value.”

WDRA track operators now have an affordable opportunity to bring sponsorship through this program to their track. Contingency Connection will guarantee $50,000-$100,000 in national contingency awards to each WDRA member track that opts in and will provide Mid-Season awards and Champions Bonus Banquet Awards packages to all participating WDRA member tracks

“While our reach is great - the concept is simple,” said Contingency Connection’s President, Jackie Ressa. “Tracks and racers need sponsors. Sponsors need tracks and racers. Contingency Connection is the connection between the two.” Racers simply run decals of sponsors with products they use (or would like to use) to win valuable manufacturer coupon awards. Winning racers receive a Racer Rewards Book worth thousands of dollars in discounts towards the purchase of performance products. Ressa noted, “While most sponsorship programs require racers to buy or use a particular product on their race car to earn awards, Contingency Connection sponsors believe in rewarding and supporting all grassroots racers and tracks through the Racer Rewards program.”

The WDRA is delivering major benefits to everyone involved in their new sanction by partnering with Contingency Connection. Racers can race with parts that pay for themselves and race more often.

Manufacturers can build loyalty to their brands while supporting well-deserving racers and tracks.

About WDRA: The mission of the WDRA is to provide value as a sanctioning body to racers and facilities through process modernization, unparalleled service, and value driven partnerships.

For more information about Contingency Connection: 423.288.0285


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