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Clevenger makes a late race move to win Bowl Classic at Shady Bowl Speedway

DeGraff, OH (6/25)): The stifling heat that has been making life miserable this week gave way to a nice cool evening at Shady Bowl Speedway Saturday. The VORES compact series headlined the nights action, as they competed in the fifth running of the Bowl Classic presented by Servpro. A full field of 28 cars took the green flag to start the 50-lap event. Veteran driver Tom Gossar took over the lead as the field dove into turn one. A mix up caused a complete restart, with Gossar once again leading the way. The race was red flagged on lap eight when second place running Holli Eaton and Gossar made contact at the flag stand. The end result was Eaton head on into the wall. It took EMT’s a few minutes to get Eaton out of her car where she was greeted by a roar from her hometown fans. A Sunday morning conversation with Holli revealed was a little sore, but otherwise fine. On the restart it was Gossar once again out front. Gossar led until lap 13 when defending series champion Chris Jennings blasted by to take the lead. Jennings, who won the first race of the season back in March, built up a lead as the laps dwindled down. Remember the warning on car mirrors “objects in mirror are closing than they appear”? Well Jennings saw a Honda Civic coming and it was close. Oceola IN driver Jason Clevenger sped by Jennings and opened up a lead he held until the checker The beautiful Honda Civic he was driving was sponsored by RCJ Motorsports. Jennings held on for second followed by Gary Eaton Jr., Gossar and Ron Sagers.

The Wooten Automotive and Towing of Saint Paris Modifieds were up next. Bellefontaine driver Logan McPherson went to work and led every lap to post his first feature win of the season. The former track champion was behind the wheel of his family-owned open wheeler. Fast qualifier (13.685) Chris Parker was second Daniel McPherson was third, Mike Pippin was fourth and Josh Smith fifth. The race was red flagged on lap8 for a multi car wreck on the backchute. No one was injured but Austin Eaton’s ride took the brunt of the damage. Eaton was the dash winner. with Logan McPherson and Greg Winget taking heat honors.

The rained out make up feature from June 11th was won by the ageless one, Jerry Stapleton. It was the third win of the season for Stapleton in his T.C. Holzen sponsored car. Josh Smith, Logan McPherson, Kyle Purvis and Buck Purtee rounded out the top five.

The Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts were up next. Twenty- three cars took the green from starter Charlie Gifford to start the 25-lap feature. Jordon Sage in Damien Weigel’s 08 led the first eighteen counters before Jimmy McElfresh took over for two laps, then Sage took command again. On lap 23 New Carlisle driver Devin Glessner took over the lead, Glessner led the final laps to post his first career win in his Quick Parts Cavalier. The win came on his 19th birthday. Steve Duty, was second, McElfresh third, Scott Henson fourth and Alec Young fifth. Glessner was fast qualifier with a 16.888 lap. Young carried the dash checker, Heat win honors went to Zach Beatty-Lakins, Kolton Morgan and Dominic Smith. Sage and Bobby Terry were disqualified after failing a postrace inspection

The Frazier/Parsons Designs FOMOCO Cruisers had some the tech inspection. Curtis Noble finished first in the 20- lap feature, posed for pics, then failed his post- race inspection. The win then went to second place running Sam Marquis of Rosewood. Marquis’s Crown Vic is sponsored by Marquis Pump Repair. Zach Beatty-Lakins, Bobbie Jo Parsons, Matt Parsons and Nate Wilcoxon finished second thru fifth. Noble set quick time with a 16.696 lap. Marquis won the dash and Wilcoxon took the heat win.

The Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Cars rounded out the nights program. Buck Purtee of DeGraff seems to be unstoppable as he has won every event thus far. He is edging closer to a $500.00 bounty if he continues to win. Purtee’s Bryce Realty Monte Carlo was followed by Scott Drake, Corey Wooten, Robert Roush and Hunter Hicks. Wooten paced the field in time trails with a 15.530 lap. Brad Blue won the dash and Purtee the heat.

Summary 6/25/22

Vores Compact Series:

5th Annual Buckeye Classic presented by Servpro: 1. Jason Clevenger 2. Chris Jennings 3. Gary Eaton Jr. 4.. Tom Gossar 5. Ron Sagers 6. Trent Gossar 7. Bo Hoelscher 8. Jess Drook 9. Scott Huffman 10. Brett Smith 11. Zack Morris 12. Jeff Vore 13. Aaron Teegarden 14. Aaron Tatman 15. Phil Iliff 16. Terry Eaton Jr. 17. Will Jennings 18. Kyle Frame 19. TJ Fannin 20. Nicholas Meade 21. Sean Frederick 22. Yogi Metz 23. Shawn Lawson 24. Holli Eaton 25. Jake Albright 26. Karter Stark27. Brady Winters 28. Travis Lee

Wooten Automotive and Towing of Saint Paris Modifieds:

Modified Makeup feature from 06-11-22:

1. Jerry Stapleton 2. Josh Smith 3. Logan McPherson 4. Kyle Purvis 5. Buck Purtee 6. Daniel McPherson 7. Chris Parker 8. Mike Carroll 9. Hayden Wren 10. Mick Zile 11. Steve Fowler 12. Skylar Mueller 13. Austin Eaton 14. Mike Howell

Fast Qualifier: Chris Parker 13.685

Dash Winner: Austin Eaton

Heat Winners: Logan McPherson and Greg Winget

Feature: 1. Logan McPherson 2. Chris Parker 3. Daniel McPherson 4. Mike Pippin 5. Josh Smith 6. Buck Purtee 7. Brian Reeser 8. Brad Yelton 9. Don Townsend Jr. 10. Hayden Wren 11. Greg Winget 12. Mike Howell 13. Andy McCaslin 14. Skylar Mueller 15. Austin Eaton 16. Kyle Purvis 17. Rodney Sutton 18. Mike Carroll 19. Steve Fowler

Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts:

Fast Qualifier: Devin Glessner 16.888

Dash Winner: Alec Young

Heat Winners: Zach Beatty-Lakins, Dominic Smith and Kolton Morgan

Feature: 1. Devin Glessner 2. Steve Duty 3. Jimmy McElfresh 4. Scott Henson 5. Alec Young 6. Chase Lang 7. Tony Heath 8. Eddie Kemp 9. Nick Hall 10. Daniel Geeting 11. Timmy Bailey 12. Donnie Eaton 13. Josh Asher 14. Robin Zornes 15. Jaron Fields 16. Keven Baggett 17. Zach Beatty-Lakins 18. Dominic Smith 19. Jake Kohler 20. Kolton Morgan 21. MakaylaGardner 22. Chris Hensley 23. Seth Rager

Frazier/Parsons Designs FOMOCO Cruisers

Fast Qualifier: Curtis Noble 16.696

Dash Winner: Sam Marquis

Heat Winner: Nate Wilcoxon

Feature: 1. Sam Marquis 2. Zach Beatty-Lakins 3. Bobbie Jo Parsons 4. Matt Parsons 5. Nate Wilcoxon 6. Jakob Brunke 7. Jay Smith 8. Dalton Oder 9. Dylan Faherstock 10. Fred Triplett 11. Dalton Griffin

Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Cars:

Fast Qualifier: Corey Wooten

Dash Winner: Brad Blue

Heat Winner: Buck Purtee

Feature: 1. Buck Purtee 2. Scott Drake 3. Corey Wooten 4. Robert Roush 5. Hunter Hicks 6. Landen Jones 7. Brad Blue 8. Richard Roush 9. Brandon Helton 10. Bob Coppock 11. Bill Blue 12. Dylan Pippin

Logan McPherson of Bellefontaine won rhe 30 lap Wootens Automotive and Towing of St. Paris modified feature.

Jason Clevenger of Oceola. IN won the Vores 5th annual Bowl Bash 50 lap feature

Buck Purtee of DeGraff continued to dominate the Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Car by winning main.

Scottie Marquis of New Carlisle won the FrazierParsons Designs FOMOCO feature

Jerry Stapleton of Troy won his third Wooten Automotive and towing of St. Paris Modifieds make up feature from 611

Devin Glessner of New Carlisle won his first ever feature on his birthday by taking the win in the Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts.


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