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Mr. Gasket expands tool lineup with electric fuel transfer pump

Holley is pleased to announce the release of a new electric fuel transfer pump for 15-55 gallon drums - Mr. Gasket has expanded their tool lineup with this awesome new transfer pump! The perfect solution for racers using 15-55 gallon drums for storing fuel.

8017 MRG - Electric Transfer Pump

This electric powered transfer pump plugs into any 120V outlet and outputs up to 4.2 gallons per minute. The suction pipe telescopes from 33.5 to 49 inches allowing one pump to be used on metal or plastic drums; it'll even fit some IBC (intermediate bulk container) totes!

Compatible with gasoline, E85, ethanol, methanol, diesel, DEF (diesel exhaust fluid or AdBlue), kerosene, washer fluid, detergent, water (non-potable), water based media, agricultural chemicals and light oils, this pump is not just for getting gas into the racecar. Use it at the shop, on the farm, in the yard or wherever else you need to transfer fuels! The discharge hose is 6-1/2 feet long and it has a full control nozzle with easy on/off switch.

Ditch those hand crank pumps! A bonus harness with clips is included for use with any 12v battery, in the event you're stuck without a power outlet. Gone are the days of stopping at every station for E85 or leaded race fuel! Get your self an electric drum pump today!

NOTE: This pump is not compatible with acids, alkalis, corrosive media, solvents, acetone, lacquer, mineral oils, turpentine, heavy oil or drinking water.

Please pass this along to your customers and thanks, as always, for your continued support of the Holley family of brands.

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