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Martin Collects Wayne County Speedway Win

After 5 weeks of good weather, rain returned to delay the start of Southeastern Equipment night at ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’ as a late afternoon downpour soaked the track and a lingering shower around 5 pm put the track crew into overdrive to get the racing surface ready for the nights action as many of the drivers and cars also helped getting the track into racing shape.

The Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association checked in with 31 sprint cars on hand and Wooster’s Broc Martin would start on the outside front row and lead all the way for his first win of the season and his first OVSCA win. Although Martin and his Jim Smith Enterprises and Orrville Trucking #83 would be out front, action was tight behind him as Cale Conley and Danny Mumaw was in pursuit of Martin early on but on lap nine, Mumaw would jump the cushion in turn one allowing Bryan Nuckles and TJ Michael to get by. the 1st caution came on lap 13 when Chris Myers came to a stop, This would help Martin out as he was getting through lapped traffic as Conley was closing in. One lap later, Trey Jacobs slows to a stop for another caution. The green flag would wave for three more laps when the race would come to a stop on lap 17 when Trevor Baker slowed in turn two and Tyler Dunn, who won the last chance race, could not avoid Baker and went for a flip, and a little ways behind them, points leader Dean Jacobs and Clay Riney got tangled together ending all four drivers nights. The race would go green for one lap before the red reappeared in a wild sequence of events as Mumaw and Michael would touch wheels coming out of turn four with both checking up with a pack of cars right behind them. Mumaw coasted into the infield as Michael kept going but cars behind them scattered to get around and Andrew Palker and Henry Malcuit, who were racing for sixth, would get together going into turn one and both would go for a tumble as all four of those drivers were finished for the night. The race would go non stop after that as Conley would stay close to Martin but could never mount a serious challenge to take the lead. Nuckles would end up third while Dylan Kingan finished a career best of fourth while Keith Baxter filled out the top five. Kingan, Nuckles, Conley and Martin claimed the heat wins.

It was season championship night for the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Models with Larry Bellman and Justin Chance leading the field to the green flag and Bellman quickly grabbed the lead as Wooster’s Doug Drown would pull into second on the opening lap and J R Gentry taking third from his 10th starting spot on lap two. Bellman would open up an eight car length lead early on and by lap 6 was encountering lapped traffic. Coming out of turn four in the low groove, at the completion of lap 10, Bellman got boxed in by a couple of the back markers which allowed Drown and Gentry to get by. Drown and his Ely Road Reel Company and Wooster Glass #12 would start to pull away until a lap 17 caution as heat winner Charlie Duncan spun with Brett Bee sliding into him and ending both of their race. As the race went back to green, Gentry was looking for a way to get around Drown but could not make a move. One final yellow on lap 22 for a stopped Thomas Baker, would give Gentry some hope and getting by Drown but this time Bellman motored past Gentry who would slow and pull off with two laps to go. Drown would pull away in the final two circuits to post his 7th win and claim the season champioship. Bellman finishes with a season best second place after winning his first heat win of the season. Ryan Markham was third with Brad Malcuit taking fourth as Rex Slaughter rounded out the top five. Nick Cox moved up 8 positions to capture the Kar Connection Hard Charger award.

For the majority of the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock season it has been the Doug Drown and John Wilson one and two show with a little bit of Gary Hensel Jr. thrown in and this night would be no different. Drown and his Char’s Cars and Gionino’s Pizza #21d would start on the outside front row with Wilson right behind him in the 4th starting spot and they would run one and two for the opening three laps when the yellow would wave. On the double file restart though, Wilson out charged Drown for the lead as Don Rutt and Hensel Jr. dueled for third. Another caution on lap eight and once again Wilson would get the advantage when the green reappeared but Drown kept along side and regained the point on lap 11 as Hensel Jr. took over third from Rutt. A red flag for a fire in Coty Conway’s machine would set up a two lap showdown for the win and Drown would hold off the charging Wilson for his 8th win of the year and Wilson would finish second for the 8th time, six of them to Drown. Hensel Jr. takes home third as Rutt held off Brandon Craver for fourth. Heat winners were Hensel Jr. and Wilson.

In seven of the previous 10 features of the JOYRIDE Transport Mini Stock features, it has been a Hensel or a Staley in the Summit Racing victory lane and tonight would be no different as Smithville’s Brad Hensel and his JOYRIDE Transport and D J Services #28 would win his third feature of the season but it was not an easy win. Pole Sitter and one time feature winner, Wyatt Zimmerman would keep the pressure on Hensel for the lead and right after the race’s only caution at the halfway mark, would take the lead on the restart as Wes and Cory Staley was both in contention to move into the top spot. Hensel would reclaim the lead on the next circuit and hold off all three as the checkered flag waved. Zimmerman would finish second as Wes Staley finished ahead of Cory Staley and Brent Boreman was fifth. Justin Cranmore, Hensel and Wes Staley chalked up the heat wins.

The Contingency Connection ‘Racer’s Rewards’ were once again up for grabs for all the drivers for the weekly and yearly awards.

Next Saturday night, August 24th will be season championships for the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints, the McKenzie Concrete Super Stocks and the JOYRIDE Transport Mini Stocks as the Modifieds will also be on the racing card for the second time this season. Gates will open at 4 pm and racing at 7 pm.


Saturday, August 17, 2019


Heat 1 Dylan Kingan, Danny Mumaw, Dave Dickson, Nick Patterson, Trey Jacobs, Troy Kingan, Chris Myers, William Aumend

Heat 2 Bryan Nuckles, Henry Malcuit, Hunter Lynch, Lance Webb, Tyler Dunn, Ray Miller, Travis Danford, Josh Davis dns

Heat 3 Cale Conley, T J Michael, Clay Riney, Dean Jacobs, Shawn Hubler, Eric Martin, Cheyne Mixon, Jamie Myers

Heat 4 Broc Martin, Andrew Palker, Steve Butler, Keith Baxter, Trevor Baker, Mark Imler Andy Fike

‘B’Main Tyler Dunn, Trey Jacobs, Trevor Baker, Chris Myers, Mark Imler, Travis Danford, Josh Davis, Troy Kingan, William Aumend, Cheyne Mixon, Ray Miller, Andy Fike, Shawn Hubler, Eric Martin, Jamie Myers dns

Feature Broc Martin, Cale Conley, Bryan Nuckles, Dylan Kingan, Keith Baxter, Nick Patterson, Steve Butler, Hunter Lynch, Dave Dickson, Lance Webb, Danny Mumaw, T J Michael, Henry Malcuit, Andrew Palker, Tyler Dunn, Trevor Baker, Trey Jacobs, Clay Riney, Dean Jacobs, Chris Myers


Heat 1 Larry Bellman, Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, Rick Mardis, Brett Bee, Tom Denzinger, Thomas Baker, Nick Cox, Jason Skelly dns

Heat 2 Charlie Duncan, Rex Slaughter, Justin Chance, Brad Malcuit, J R Gentry, Jerry Aber, Jason Henderson, Craig Hartong

Feature Doug Drown, Larry Bellman, Ryan Markham, Brad Malcuit, Rex Slaughter, Justin Chance, Nick Cox, Tom Denzinger, J R Gentry, Craig Hartong, Thomas Baker, Jerry Aber, Charlie Duncan, Brett Bee, Jason Henderson, Rick Mardis, Jason Skelly dns


Heat 1 Gary Hensel Jr., Brandon Craver, Chase Alexander, Justin Lorentz, Joe Gillespie, Paul McVicker, James Alleman, Virgil Masters, Brandon Dormaier

Heat 2 John Wilson, Doug Drown, Don Rutt, Nick Humphrey, Curt Zimmerman, Luke Sprouse, Ken Catlette, Coty Conway

Feature Doug Drown, John Wilson, Gary Hensel Jr., Don Rutt, Brandon Craver, Joe Gillespie, Paul McVicker, Luke Sprouse, Curt Zimmerman, Virgil Masters, Nick Humphrey, Justin Lorentz, Coty Conway, James Alleman, Brandon Dormaier, Chase Alexander, Ken Catlette


Heat 1 Justin Cranmore, Wyatt Zimmerman, Nova Martin, David Keagy, Dusty Long, Ryan Carder, Molly Rannigan, J R Graser, Clayton Evans

Heat 2 Brad Hensel, Wayne Newbury, Kevin Markey, Tyler Wiles, Jolene Voshel, Mitch Reicard, Coree Boyd, Darrell Taylor, Chaz Dawson

Heat 3 Wes Staley, Cory Staley, Brent Boreman, Jordan James, Shawn Rush, Doug Hensel, Jimmy Burns, Zach Myers, Brad Henderson

Feature Brad Hensel, Wyatt Zimmerman, Wes Staley, Cory Staley, Brent Boreman, Justin Cranmore, Nova Martin, Jordan James, Doug Hensel, Shawn Rush, Kevin Markey, Wayne Newbury, Jolene Voshel, Ryan Carder, David Keagy, Zach Myers, Dusty Long, Molly Rannigan, Chaz Dawson, Mitch Reichard, Coree Boyd, Clayton Evans, Tyler Wiles, Brad Henderson, Jimmy Burns dns, JR Graser dns, Darrell Taylor

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