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Fleming wins Meihls Memorial at Shady Bowl Speedway

Photos by Isaacs Photos Ryan Fleming of Xenia picked up nearly $5000.00 by winning the Bruce Meihls Memorial.

Jeremy Niswonger won the Noble Armor Coating Mini Stock feature.

Buck Purtee won his second straight Amsoil Street stock feature.

DeGraff OH: Xenia driver Ryan Fleming scored the biggest win of his career when he won the Bruce Meihls Memorial at Shady Bowl Saturday. Fleming was behind the wheel of his Lee Raymond tribute car sponsored by Automotive Parts and Machine. Fleming dominated the event and has won four of the last five races ran. Bowl. Fleming took home nearly $5000.00 for his efforts. Matt Parsons, Buddy Townsend, Shawn Szep and Cody Robinson rounded out the top five. Tyler Mahaffey and Dave Barnhart were heat winners.

The Amsoil Street stock feature was won by Buck Purtee who was driving the “Flying Brick” Mercury owned by John Bennett. It was the second win in a row for Purtee who also set fast time. Phil Gussler was a close second, followed by Mahaffey, Rodney Roush and Jacob Heckman. Jason Mahaffey took the dash win, with Kyle Stager and Chandler Little taking heat wins.

In the Noble Armor Coating mini stocks it was the Jeremy Niswonger show, as he dominated the feature in his The Pines sponsored Neon. Jimmie Huffman gave Niswonger all he wanted but had to settle for second. Nick Barrett was third, with Kevin Baggett fourth and Rob Taylor IV fifth. David Hughes and Baggett won heats, with Taylor taking the dash win.

A 100 lap enduro rounded out the night. Hoosier Chris Jennings won the event. Nick Barrett, Isaiah Markly, Nicholas Meade and Devin Glessner were second thru fifth

Shady Bowl Summary 8/17/19

Dave Nagel Excavating Late Models:

Fast qualifier: Ryan Fleming 13.509

Heat Races: Tyler Mahaffey and Dave Barnhart

Feature: 65 laps Bruce Mehils Memorial: 1. Ryan Fleming 2. Matt Parsons 3. Buddy Townsend 4. Shawn Szep 5. Cody Robinson 6. Kenny George 7. Dave Barnhart 8. Curtis Noble 9. Bill Cantley 10. Jacob Heckman 11. Josh Kempf 12. Ralph Harrod 13. Corey Plunkett

14. Don Mahaffey Jr. 15. Mike Ward 16. Tyler Mahaffey 17. Vaughn Young 18. Jim Lewis Jr 19. Jacob Muncy 20. Brian Fries 21. Burgess White 22. Josh Smith

Amsoil Street Stocks:

Fast qualifier: Buck Purtee 14.730

Dash winner: Jason Mahaffey

Heat winners: Kyle Stager and Chandler Little

Feature: 1. Buck Purtee 2. Phil Gussler 3. Jason Mahaffey 4. Rodney Roush 5. Jacob Heckman 6. Richard Roush 7. Chad Small II 8. Andy Heath 9. Robert Roush 10. Chester Frazier 11.Mike Wintrow 12. Nate Purtee 13. Kyle Stager 14. Chandler Little

Noble Armor Coating Mini Stocks:

Heat winners: Dustin Hughes and Kevin Baggett

Feature: 1. Jeremy Niswonger 2. Jimmie Huffman 3. Nick Barrett 4. Kevin Baggett 5. Rob Taylor IV 6. David Asher 7. Justin Kemp 8. Dustin Hughes 9. Alec Young 10. Larry Kemp 11. Andrea Swink 12. Damien Weigle 13. B J Shoffner 14. Matt Kessler 15. Nick Hall 16. Tylan Coppock 17. Chase Lang 18. Bobby Terry.


100 Lap feature: 1. Chris Jennings 2. Nick Barrett 3. Isaiah Markley 4. Nicholas Meade 5. Devin Glessner

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