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Holley Announces New Sniper EFI XFlow

Holley is proud to announce the release of Sniper EFI XFlow, which converts naturally aspirated blow-through carbureted engines to electronic fuel injection. Perfect for high-rpm turbocharged applications up to 800 horsepower and available in your choice of a black, gold, or polished finish, it features four 120 pound-per-hour fuel injectors and flows 900 CFM. XFlow features integrated timing control, built-in single-stage progressive nitrous control, and easy-to-use boost control with handheld adjustability. Advanced boost control – including boost vs. rpm and boost vs. time – is available via free Sniper EFI tuning software. It is compatible with both draw-through and blow-through forced-induction engines and comes with an internal 2.5 bar MAP sensor that's rock-solid up to 21.5 PSI. For applications exceeding 21.5 PSI, three additional 0-5v sensor inputs can be used for an external MAP Sensor – or for dome pressure, oil pressure, or fuel pressure.

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