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Eagle Introduces 6.250" FSI I-Beam Rod and Stock Stroke Pontiac 400 Crank

Pontiac 400 3.750" Cast Crankshaft

Rebuilding a Pontiac 400 and can't find a good, O.E. crank? Eagle has the answer. Our cast steel, 3.750" stroke crank for Pontiac 400 is the perfect choice for the naturally-aspirated, pump-gas street machine or restoration project. Cast new from carbon steel, these are not remanufactured. They have standard sized journals and have a bobweight capacity of 2280g so balancing to your components should be very straight-forward. In stock and ready to ship today!

3.750" stroke, p/n 104013750, retail price: $420.99.

Eagle FSI I-Beam 6.250" Rods for Ford 351W Strokers

Eagle now offers the full range of connecting rods for your 351W stroker engine. Filling the gap between our entry-level SIR I-Beam and competition H-Beam is our forged 4340 steel "FSI" I-Beam. Forged from 4340 steel and using a 7/16" ARP 8740 bolt (2000 optional), these are an excellent budget option for serious pump gas engines or naturally-aspirated competition engines. In stock and ready to ship!

6.250" w/ 7/16" 8740 bolts FSI6250B, retail: $450.53

6.250" w/ 7/16" 2000 bolts FSI6250B2000, retail: $555.17

ESP Armor, the Mystery Behind The Shine

Eagle has been offering our ESP Armor process for several years now. We have seen similar offerings from other companies come and go. None have managed to continue to consistently provide the results ESP Armor has. If you are trying to squeeze every ounce of power out of your engine, ESP Armor is a must. With no drawbacks at all, a 1 year warranty against part failure on standard weight forged cranks, the 2-4% power gain is not the only reason to opt for ESP Armor on your next crankshaft. Available on new Eagle cranks at the time of purchase only.

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