PINK Ladies kick off weekend action at Crossroads Dragway

Thad Mann won the Pro division at Crossroads Dragway and was awarded Racer Rewards Aug. 4.

Denise Joslin, Terre Haute, IN was the winner of the 4th PINK Ladies race of the 2018 season. Kyla Lachat, also of Terre Haute, IN was the runner-up. Semi-finalists were Brandi Eaton of Paris, IL and Denise Ramsey, also of Terre Haute.

On Saturday the Junior Dragsters were split into two classes to compete for a coveted NHRA Wally Trophy. In the Grizzly, Inc. Junior Dragster Major Class Ali Phillips from Bruceville, IN took the win over Layla Dillman from Greenwood, IN. Semi-finalists were Nathan Prose of Terre Haute, IN and Tanner Spires from Clinton, IN. In the Affordable Towing Junior Dragster Minor Class Kaden Bouchie, Washington, IN was the winner over Seth Bee of Redkey, IN. Max Scott of Paris, IL and Mark Spires III were the semi-finalists.

Pro Class action saw Thad Mann of Terre Haute, IN take the win over Chad Eaton of Paris, IL. Semi-finalists were Andrew Fidler from Cloverdale, IN and Jonathon Jones from Paris, IL.

Randy Protz, Vandalia, IL was the winner in the Super Pro Class over Cory Brenton from Clinton, IN. Brock Smith was the semi-finalist.

Chad Eaton from Paris, IL, in his second final round appearance of the day, took the win over Amber Price, Terre Haute, IN. Semi-finalists were Andrew Fidler, Cloverdale, IN and Kenny James out of Terre Haute, IN.

In the combines Republic Services High School/Junior Street Class Gaige Brenton, Rosedale, IN was victorious over Caleb Ramsey, Terre Haute, IN. Semi-finalists were Karson Kuhn of Marshall, IL and Michael Smith out of Rosedale, IN.

Next weekend at Crossroads Dragway will start off with Friday Fun Night. Gates open at 6 p.m. and the track closes at 10 p.m. Car and driver are $20 and spectators/crew members over 13 are $5. On Saturday, the track will have ET Points Racing for Pro, Super Pro, Sportsman, High School/Junior Street and Junior Dragsters. Gates open at 11 a.m. and time trials begin at 12:30 p.m. Spectators/crew members 13 and over are only $10. For more information go to or the Crossroads Dragway Facebook page.

Randy Protz won the Super pro division at Crossroads Dragway and was awarded Racer Rewards Aug. 4.

Crossroads Dragway Race Date: 08/03/2018 PINK Ladies W: Denise Joslin ('98 Pontiac Trans Am) 8.755 - 82.56 (8.75 dial) R/U: Kyla Lachat ('86 Oldsmobile Cutlass) 7.684 - 74.88 (7.45 dial) Semi 1: Brandi Eaton Semi 2: Denise Ramsey Crossroads Dragway Race Date: 08/04/2018 Super Pro W: Randy Protz ('74 Chevy Vega Wagon) 5.986 - 114.58 (5.97 dial) R/U: Cory Brenton ('88 Ford Mustang) 6.103 - 110.45 (6.09 dial) Semi 1: Brock Smith Crossroads Dragway Race Date: 08/04/2018 Pro W: Thad Mann ('63 Plymouth Sport Fury) 6.431 - 104.08 (6.43 dial)

Chad Eaton won the Sportsman division at Crossroads Dragway and was awarded Racer Rewards Aug. 4.

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