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Holley Releases EFI V5 Software Upgrade

StartFragmentHolley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of the latest software upgrade from Holley EFI – Holley EFI V5 – which not only features Active Speed Management and also allows racers to completely customize up to three sets of injectors. At the drag strip, the all-new Staging Assist feature makes it easy to smoothly and consistently inch your boosted car into the staging beams run after run. V5 features an integrated traction-control system called Holley EFI Active Speed Management that's engineered with drag racing and motorsports that start from a stop in mind.

V5's ASM functionality is based on the time from launch versus engine speed and driveshaft speed (one or both can be used). You can enter numerous different curves to retard ignition timing and even enable rev-limiting based on the departure of wheel speed or engine speed from the base curve. The addition of ASM to a Holley EFI system requires the purchase of PN 555-100. Each purchase allows activation of the Active Speed Management in a single ECU. To purchase ASM, click here and follow the simple step-by-step instructions. The software's new Customizable Injector Configuration gives you virtually limitless options to sequence and tune the fuel contribution from each set of injectors when you use two or three injector sets. Each set can be run sequentially, and each set can be individually chosen to perform individual cylinder, cranking, and startup prime fueling. It's compatible with almost any multi-injector set application and ideal for Roots supercharged and dual-fuel applications. V5's existing Electronic Transmission Control feature is bolstered by the addition of several new transmissions to the dropdown menu, including Ford's popular 4R70W and GM's 4L65E. Several new injectors have also been added to the injector dropdown menu to help you quickly dial injector off-times and minimum injector opening time. New data-monitor windows are now simple to create – just click the "X" on the top-left corner to clear it. And all types of ignition outputs, including points and EST now can have individual cylinder timing control.

For complete product details for the Holley EFI V5 software upgrade, click



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