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Scotty Kay Jr. takes home the Iron Man win! Reutimann, Tovet, & Lanier all take home wins!

(5-12-18) Barberville, FL – For the second week in a row Mother Nature tired to halt racing action at the "Worlds Fastest Half Mile", but the rain stayed away and racing action continued as the month of May Opened up with racing action across four classes including Race #2 in the Iron Man Series as well as race #1 in the Gladiator Challenge Series.

The first feature of the night went to the Mercedes Benz Vans Born to Run Street Stocks as it was Mike Tovet making a rare start in Donnie Ashfords #66 Hired Hand LLC Camaro starting on the pol along side teammate Landon Lunugren. As the two raced into the first turn it was Tovet taking the early advantage over the field. Lungren would settle in the number two spot, but the man on the move was Alan Peacock as he would overtake second from his fourth place starting spot by lap eight and set his sights on the race leader. As the race wore on it was evident no one had an answer for Tovet as he would cruise to the win by over 10 seconds by races end. Peacock was runner up followed by Craig Montesi Jr., Lungren, and Tuck Trentham.

Unofficial Rundown from 5-12-18

Daytona Sportswear Modifieds | (11 Cars)

Heat 1: Buzzy Reutimann, Jamie Carter, Garret Stewart, Larry Burkins, Charlie Phillips, Matt Johnson

Heat 2: Seth Geary, Dustin Thayer, Steve Shead, Mike Phillips, James Strehle

Feature: Reutimann, Thayer, Stewart, Geary, Carter, Shead, Phillips, Burkins, Johnson, Strehle, Phillips (DNF)

Mercedes Benz Vans Born to Run Street Stocks | (9 Cars)

Heat 1: Mike Tovet, Craig Montesi Jr, Joe Belkey, Landon Lungren, Tuck Trentham, Alan Peacock (DQ), Mike McGauley (DQ), Clayton Ruth (DQ), Grand Dillon (DNF)

Feature: Tovet, Peacock, Montesi Jr, Lungren, Trentham, Belkey, McGauley, Ruth, Dillon (DNS)

Allen Plumbing & Allen Tractor Iron Man Series| (16 Cars)

Overall Fast Qualifier: Dustin Turnage Sr. (21.290)

Heat 1: Scotty Kay Jr., Ron Adams, Mike Tovet, Geroge Lane, John Canary, Robbie Hager, Donnie Birdwell, Jonathan Thomas

Heat 2: Dustin Turnage Sr., Dustin Turnage Jr., Joe Belkey, Hayden McCormick, David Showers Sr., Just Dean, Curt Spencer, Hank Baker

Feature: Kay Jr., Belkey, Turnage Jr, Showers Sr., Lane, Hager, Birdwell, Dean, Thomas, Adams, Canary, Turnage Sr., (DNF), Tovet (DNF), McCormick (DNF), Spencer (DNS), Baker (DNS)

Triple D Equipment Gladiator Challenge Series | (15 Cars)

Heat 1: Todd Latour, Shannon Lang, Ty McDonald, Jason Tovet, Jason Gentry, Dustin Higdon, Jonathan Green, Casey Phillips

Heat 2: Nathan Rhoades, Jeremy Lanier, Erik Mantz, Henry Lanier, Michael Trotter, Johnnie Yeomans, Rusty Young

Feature: J. Lanier, McDonald, Trotter, Gentry, Young, Tovet, H. Lanier, Mantz, Latour, Rhoades, Lang, Higdon, Green, Yeomans, Phillips

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