Wilwood Disc Brakes Announces New WLD-19 Formula Car Racing Calipers

Wilwood is now offering direct replacement WLD-19 model calipers to complement the previously released WLD-20 models. Wilwood WLD series calipers provide the ultimate in durability, weight savings and high efficiency brake clamping for F/F, sports racers, and all other road race cars originally equipped with the vintage cast-iron LD-19 and LD-20 calipers. The new WLD calipers feature a high strength, lightweight 2.3 pound forged aluminum body with options for stainless steel or Thermlock® pistons. Both models utilize the same lug mounting centers, height and offset as the original LD models. WLD calipers accept Wilwood brake pads, or any brake pad made to fit the original LD models. MSRP starts at $215.95.

WLD-19 P/N 120-14373 WLD-19/ST P/N 120-14374 Download the high-resolution file here


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