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Thermo-Tec has Diesel Competitors Covered

Will serve as the official Turbo Cover Sponsor of DIESEL Motorsports in 2018

Greenwich, OH: Thermo-Tec has diesel competitors covered as the official 2018 Turbo Cover Sponsor of DIESEL Motorsports. And, to celebrate, the company is rolling out a new series of basalt heat insulating wraps and covers:Rogue Performance Products. Delivering the same benefits as the company’s current turbo cover lines, the Rogue series features a basalt construction that won’t fade with abrasions or liquid spills, so it will always look the same as the day it was purchased. Constructed of 100 percent continuous-filament, basalt products also show strong immunity to chemical spills and UV light. Basalt fiber, made from basalt rock, is able to withstand temperatures up to 1,800-degrees Fahrenheit.

Rogue Performance Products' new series of heat insulating products feature basalt construction for increased durability.

And when it comes to top diesel performance, turbo heat plays a big role. Providing improved under-hood appearance while reducing turbo lag, Thermo-Tec turbo covers offer an easy-fit design for T3-T4 and T5-T6 turbines found in competitive diesel drag racing and sled-pulling machines. “Thermo-Tec Turbo Covers fit our diesel enthusiast base perfectly, and will result in better performance, plus safety for the sport” says Ron Knoch, president of DIESEL Motorsports. “It is always good to see innovative products for our diesel pickup trucks—especially those made in the USA!” “We are thrilled to be partnering with Ron and the fine folks at DIESEL Motorsports. We appreciate the opportunity to bring our turbo covers and other thermal insulation products to racers and fans at the grassroots level,” says Nick Helms of Thermo-Tec. “The racing environment is the ultimate proving ground for our products, and we look forward to outfitting the fastest diesel trucks and strongest sled-pullers in the country with the new Rogue Series line of basalt products.” Thermo-Tec and Rogue Performance Products’ turbo covers feature a dual-layer construction that increases performance and durability while reducing under-hood temperatures by keeping heat inside the turbo. Kits include grommets and wiring for easy installation. To learn more about Thermo-Tec’s full line of products, go

About Thermo-Tec: Since 1987, Thermo-Tec has offered customers the latest in exhaust insulating and heat protection technology though cutting edge research and innovation. Thermo-Tec manufacturers more than 130 products to either control heat dissipation or reflect heat away from parts and components in a myriad of applications, including: NASCAR, Drag Racing, Oval Track, Motorcycle, Off Road, Street, and Industrial.

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