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Wilwood Disc Brakes Announces New WLD-20 Formula Car Racing Calipers

Wilwood’s new WLD-20 racing calipers provide the ultimate in strength, weight savings, and high efficiency brake clamping for F/F and all other formula-category road race vehicles configured for use with the traditional LD-20 lug mount-style calipers. The calipers feature a high strength, lightweight 2.3 pound forged aluminum body fitted with stainless steel pistons in the standard WLD-20 model, or heat-blocking Thermlock® pistons in the WLD-20/ST models. All WLD-20 series calipers utilize the same mounting centers, height and offset as the traditional LD-20 calipers. The calipers accept Wilwood-type 5214 brake pads or any brake pad made to fit the original LD-20 models. MSRP starts at $215.95.

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