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SpeedZone Victory Lane! - August 18, 2017

Oshkosh, August 18- For the second straight week, the Oshkosh SpeedZone present a perfect, smooth, track wide racing surface for 128 cars to compete Friday night. Brian Mullen outran Marcus Yarie for his first win of the season here. Yarie, winner of the last three in a row, was chasing in second. Travis Van Straten , looking for a third straight IMCA Stock Car track championship, collected his fifth win of the year. Colten Van Hierden walked off with his third feature flag of the year in the IMCA Sport Mod division. Grand National point leader, Jeff Richards picked up his second feature win. Jordan Klemmer held off Chris Maas to win his second IMCA Sport Compact feature. The street Stock division saw a first time with Brandon Ross picking up his career feature flag.

Brian Mullen took charge of the IMCA Modified feature at the start, and the lone caution of the race appeared on lap 3. Justin Ritchie, Mike Mullen, Steve Schneider and Kenny Richards were behind for the restart. Mullen took off again and opened a lead as the battle for the runner up spot remained tight. 2 Time defending champ , and winner of the last three straight features, Marcus Yarie, was working to the front and finally secured the runner up spot on lap 11. Yarie set out to close the gap on Mullen, but the veteran maneuvered through traffic to collect his fist Zone feature win of the season. Yarie, although closed the gap some over the final laps, could not mount a series challenge and took the runner up spot. Richards was credited with third, while Mike Mullen, Ritchie and Schneider rounded out the top six.

Chris Lowenhagen set the pace for the first three laps of the IMCA Stock Car man before bringing out the first caution on lap 3. Kevin Hebbe inherited the lead, but one lap after the restart,. Travis Van Straten moved into the top spot and started to pull away from the pack running for second. A spin on lap 17 ended a long green stretch with the pack running for second included Justin Jacobsen, Hebbe, Jeremy Christians and Cory Wegner. There were three cautions to slow the final 3 laps with each one forcing Van Straten to run perfect laps to hold off the charge from behind. Van Straten collected his 5th feature win of the season with Christians able to wrestle into the runner up finish. Hebbe had a strong run to claim third place. Jacobsen ran to fourth follwd by Wegner and Dan Miller in the top sox.

Chase Randerson set the pace for the first half of the IMCA Sport Mods final. Hunter Parsons, Jason Ebert, Shaun Bangart , Jeff Schmuhl, and Colten Van Hieden were battling behind. Caution flew on lap 9 to bunch the field with Randerson holding the top spot for one more lap before Van Hierden powered into the top spot on lap 11. Following another caution on lap 13, Lucas Lamberies moved into the runner up spot and challenged for the lead over the final laps. Van Hierden took the checkered for his third win of the season with Lamberies a close second. Randerson held the third place finish with Schmuhl taking fourth. Kevin Bethke and Ebert rounded out the top six.

Brandon Ross took charge of the Street Stock main at the start followed by Jordan Ross, Lexii Ashcraft, Adam Crapser, Jeff Wicinsky, Jesse Krahn and Brady Baldry. Ross was able to open a lead on the field until the first caution on lap 8. Ashcraft, Baldry Chase Solomon and Frank Knaus gave chase after the restart. Ashcraft ran alongside for a couple laps before Ross fought back into the lead and again pulled away. A final caution on lap 13 had a similar outcome with Ashcraft challenging. Crapser was able overtake Ashcraft for second but Ross had already pulled away again. Over the final laps, Ross ran alone up front with the battle for the runner up spot. Ashcraft was able to make a final lap pass to secure the runner up finish. Crapser took third. Alex Crapser made a late race charge to secure fourth, Baldry took fifth and Krahn rounded out the top six.

Larry Richards powered to the outside on the opening lap of the Grand National main to was the leader after the first lap. Derek Schrauth challenged and was scored as the leader on laps 3 and 4 before Richards took charge again on lap 5. Brian Vinney, Jr moved into the runner up spot on lap 10 with Jeff Richards moving into third on lap later. Jeff moved into the runner up spot on lap 14 and pulled up on his dad, Larry a couple laps later, With the elder Richards running the outside lie and Jeff running the inside. The pair ran nearly door to door for the rest of the race with Larry holding a slight edge on each lap. Jeff was inches ahead on lap 18 to be scored as the leader and was also in the same spot as the white flag appeared. As the pair were side by side on the back chute, a slower car looped his car just ahead of the leaders in the outside line. Larry did not have enough time to react and slammed the stalled car, bringing out the lone caution to end the race. Jeff collected his second feature win of the season, and Larry credited with the runner up finish. Larry was very shaken up in the incident but OK. Vinney Jr was scored in third with Jesse Cullen taking fourth with Schrauth taking fifth. Rich Garb rounded out the top six.

Cody Booth set the ace for three laps of the IMCA Sport Compact feature before Jordan Klemmer moved into the top spot on lap 4. Klemmer started to open a lead on the field with point leader, Chris Maas moving into the runner up spot on lap 9. Maas was able to close the gap on the leader, but Klemmer was able to hold off the late race challenge to claim his second feature win of the season. Maas, the point leader, took second. Mitchell Lee Fairbank was third, followed by Cole Thomas, Seth Hickman and Brad Nelson.

Next week the Oshkosh SpeedZone will be hosting one of the biggest nights of the season with the Corn Belt Clash/ George Scheffler Memorial Late Model Special. Over the past couple years, this race has brought in over 50 car to compete. The Modifieds will complete their King of the Ring series for 2017. The Street Stock and Grand Nationals will round out the big night.



20 Lap Feature 1. Brain Mulle 2, Marcus Yarie 3. Kenny Richards 4. Mike Mullen 5. Justin Ritchie 6. Steve Schneider

10 Lap Consy First l. Paul Parker 2. T.J. Smith 3. Brian Crapser

Second l. Mike Wedelstadt 2. Chase Parker 3. R.J> Gerber

8 Lap Heats First l. Mike Mullen 2. Brian Mullen

Second l. Ritchie 2. John Schultz

Third l. Richards 2. Brian Drexler

Third 1. Schneider 2. Rob Krull


20 Lap Feature l Travis Van Straten 2. Jeremy Christians 3. Kevin Hebbe 4. Justin Jacobsen 5. Cory Wegner 6. Dan Miller

8 Lap Heats First Barry Streck 2. Christians

Second l. Hebbe 2. Randy Roen


20 Lap Feature l. Colten Van Hierden 2. Lucas Lamberies 3. Chase Randerson 4. Jeff Schmuhl 5,Kevin Bethke 6. Jason Ebert

10 Lap Consy l. Nick Schultz 2. Scott Besaw 3. Brock Saunders

8 Lap Heats First . Jeff Steenbergen 2. Hunter Parsons

Second l. Bernie Miller 2. Tim Sheppard

Third l. Jason Ebert 2. Shaun Bangart


20 Lap Feature l. Brandon Ross 2. Lexii Ashcraft 3. Adam Crapser 4. Alex Crapser 5. Brady Baldry 6. Jesse Krahn

8 Lap Heats First l. Alex Crapser 2. Jeff Wicinsky

Second l. Ashcraft 2. Krahn

Third l. Ross 2. Chase Solomon


20 Lap Feature l. Jeff Richards 2. Larry Richards 3. Brian Vinney, Jr 4. Jesse Cullen 5. Derek Schrauth 6. Rich Garb

8 Lap Heats First l. Cullen 2. Garb

Second l. Jeff Richards 2. Vinney, Jr


20 Lap Feature l. Jordan Klemmer 2, Chris Maas 3. Mitchell Lee Fairbank 4. Cole Thomas 5. Seth Hickman 6. Brad Nelson

8 Lap Heats First l;. Cody Pankow 2. Thomas

Second l. Cody Booth 2. Klemmer

GOLD STAR RACING PRODUCTS GRAND NATIONAL  Jeff Richards strikes 'the pose' with his girls following his second feature win of the season Friday night at the Oshkosh SpeedZone

NOLTE'S AUTO REPAIR AND TOWINT STREET STOCKS  #1  Brandon Ross (L) is joined by twin brother Jordan, after winning his first career division feature at the Speed Zone Friday night.

LYNN'S SERVICE CENTER IMNA SPORT COMPACT DIRT DEVILS  #12  Jordan Klemmer is joined by his dad after winning his second feature of the season Friday night at the Speed Zone.

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