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Shady Bowl Results!! 8/12/17


9892 Flowing Well Rd. DeGraff OH 43318

Worlds Fastest Three Tenths Mile Paved Oval

Lewis Memorial Win to Stapleton

DeGraff OH: In a night that the racing was top notch six classes of cars took to the asphalt racing surface at Shady Bowl Speedway Saturday (8/12). The track honored long time car builder and owner Bill “Pappy” Lewis of Dayton. A full field of twenty one modifieds took the green flag for the 50 lap “Bill Lewis 50”. Ross Klingelhofer took the lead at the drop of the green. Fast qualifier Shane Shirk was eliminated in a crash on lap 24 knocking him out of the race. On the restart Klingelhofer again jumped out front. It looked like he had his first win of season. On lap 49 Gr

eg Stapleton worked his way right to the back bumper of Klingelhofer. On the final lap the pair split a lapped car as the checker flew. The electronic scoring showed Stapleton winning by less than a foot. The win was the third of the season for the Troy native is his open wheeler sponsored by Springhill Auto Wrecking. Mike Carroll, Brad Yelton and Jerry Stapleton rounded out the top five. Klingelhofer won the dash, with Rob Yelton and Don Skaggs taking heat checkers. Rob Yelton and Herb Newman finished in a tie for the DeGraff Service Hard Charger Award.

Don Mahaffey Jr. continued his march to winning the late model championship as he passed early leader Brandon Bayse on lap 22. Mahaffey put his Quick Parts backed machine for the 5th time this season. John Stroble, Matthew Parsons and fast qualifier Buddy Townsend took the top five spots. The Amsoil Had Charger Award was won by Mahaffey. Mahaffey also was the winner of the dash, with Stroble winning the heat race.

The 25 lap street stock feature was up next with 16 cars taking the green flag. Former track champion Rodney Roush led the pack into turn one. Roush stayed out front holding off the charges of Josh Sage and Rob Schaeff . A crash eliminated Sage as it took several laps to get the car back out. Coming to the checker Roush and Schaeff found a lapped car as they came to the checker. In another tight finish. Schaeff edged out Roush. The win was the second of the season for Schaeff in his Roger Winget sponsored Chevy. Jim Lewis, Chad Small II and Rick Lewis took spots third thru fifth. Rick Lewis picked up the Ohlinger Automotive Hard Charger Award. Rodney Roush took the dash victory, with Mike Snapp and Rick Lewis winning heat races.

The 20 lap compact feature saw Medway’s Josh Foltz dominated the race to take his ninth feaure of the season. Foltz’s Neon is backed by Detroit Tire. Cody Wynn claimed second spot with Mike Wintrow third, Jimmy McElresh fourth and Dusty Harding fifth. Wintrow took the dash, with the heat checker going to Wynn. The Quick Parts Hard Charger Award went to Wintrow and McElfresh.

In super compact racing Bo Hoelsher of Riverside, continued his dream season as he powered his T J Stables Honda to his third feature win of the season. Gary Eaton Jr., Austin Eaton, Justin Pope and Brooks Horseman claimed second thru fifth. Gary Eaton won the dash, with Austin Eaton winning the heat.

Buck Purtee filled in for brother Jason in the pure stocks and dominated the class. Purtee of DeGraff set fast time and won the 10 lap feature in the L&B Auto Service Ford. John Eastman, Ryan Tamburro and Zach Doolin finiahed second thru fourth.

It was also “Kids Night” with big wheel races and a penny scramble. The Shady Bowl Speedway staff would like to think all who donated to make for a great night for the younger fans. The postponed Neal Sceva Memorial will be held next Saturday (8/19) for the late models. The Vintage American Race Cars will also be on hand. The group brings old oval track racers to put on display and run a heat race. The late models, modifieds,street stocks, pure stocks, compacts and spectator drags. Racing will start at 7.

Shady Bowl Speedway Summary 8-12-17

Late Models:

Fast Qualifier: Buddy Townsend 13.312

Dash Winner: Don Mahaffey Jr.

Heat Winner: John Stroble

Feature: 1. Don Mahaffey Jr. 2. Brandon Basye 3. John Stroble 4. Matthew Parsons 5. Buddy Townsend 6. Tyler Mahaffey 7. Caleb Reschar 8. Larry Kemp 9. Brad Coons 10. Vaughn Young (DNS)

Amsoil Hard Charger Award: Don Mahaffey Jr.


Fast Qualifier: Shane Shirk 13.526

Dash Winner: Ross Klingelhofer

Heat Winners: Rob Yelton and Don Skaggs

Feature: 1. Greg Stapleton 2. Ross Klingelhofer 3. Mike Carroll 4. Brad Yelton 5. Jerry Stapleton 6. Scott Drake 7. Rob Yelton 8. Jason Burnside 9. Daniel McPherson 10. Logan McPherson 11. Herb Newman 12. Chris Parker 13. Carl Stapleton 14. Don Skaggs 15. Don Hewitt Jr. 16. Dillon Androix 17. Chris Prater 18. Shane Shirk 19. Mike Schaffer 20. Andy Bohn 21. Mike Pippin

DeGraff Service Center Hard Charger Award: Herb Newman and Rob Yelton

Street Stocks:

Fast Qualifier: Jacob Muncy 14.481

Dash Winner: Rodney Roush

Heat Winners: Mike Snapp and Rick Lewis

Feature: 1. Rob Schaeff 2. Rodney Roush 3. Jim Lewis Jr. 4. Chad Small II 5. Rick Lewis 6. Jacob Muncy 7. Josh Longstreth 8. Jason Parsons 9. Richard Roush 10. Mark Smith 11. Robert Roush 12. Chester Frazier 13. John Hicks 14. Mike Snapp 15. Tim Hines 16. Josh Sage

Ohlinger Automotive Hard Charger Award: Rick Lewis


Dash Winner: Mike Wintrow

Heat Winner: Cody Wynn

Feature: 1. Josh Foltz 2. Cody Wynn 3. Mike Wintrow 4. Jimmy McElfresh 5. Dusty Harding 6. Matt Hagood 7. Ryan Tamburro 8. Corey Kyer 9. Dillon Higginbotham 10. Jim Sourmail 11. Tanner Lane 12. Rob Fraley 13. Andrea Swink

Super Compact Series:

Fast Qualifier: Bo Hoelscher 15.227

Dash Winner: Gary Eaton Jr.

Heat Winner: Austin Eaton

Feature: 1. Bo Hoelscher 2. Gary Eaton Jr. 3. Austin Eaton 4. Justin Pope 5. Brooks Horseman 6. Eddie Kemp 7. Nicholas Meade 8. Justin Kemp 9. Terry Eaton

Pure Stocks:

Fast Qualifier: Buck Purtee

Feature: 1. Buck Purtee 2. John Eastman 3. Ryan Tamburro 4. Zach Doolin

Spectator Drags: 1. Chad Owen 2. David Baumaster

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