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Lucky Drag City - Results of Gamblers Extravaganza - 8/13/2017

1st Place Winner Jim Cooper from Erie PA driving a 67 Chevy Chevelle SS 6.8@ @ 100.09

2nd Place Winner Mike Miller from Erie, PA driving his 67 Chevy Camaro 8.85 @ 102.17 3rd Place Winner Rory Stevenson from Angola NY driving his 87 Ponticarlo 6.33 @ 104.86 4th Place Winner Jim Aikens from Corry PA driving his 68 Chevy Camaro 8.17@82.43 Jimmy Jouce deserves a special recognition his last run today his times and spend was remarkable he did 4.91 @ 138.2

Other Drivers In The Gamblers Extravaganza Stanley Betts from Westfield driving his 74 Corvette Wes Hansen from Fredonia NY driving his 70 Chevy Chevelle John "TURBO" Bensink from Clymer NY driving his 99 Chevy S-10 Truck Kurt Steding from Clymer NY driving His 68 Chevy Camaro John Vargo from Erie PA driving his 55 Chevy Sedan Jimmy Joyce from Clymer NY driving his 2014 Mike Bos Rear Engine dragster Scott Cappel from Geneva OH driving 73 Dodge Dart John Redfield from Spring Creek driving 91 Eagle Talon Mike Kase from Cranberry PA driving his 87 Ford Mustang Dennis from Erie PA driving his 74 Pontiac GTO Boyce White from Clymer NY driving his 70 Chevy Chevelle Craig Bensink from Erie, PA 79 Buick Skylark

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