MEMPHIS TRIPLE NICKEL - This weekend - August 4-6th!!


$5,000 - $5,000 - $5,000

Weather looks perfect - this weekend!

More Info - Click Here!!


Rick's Powder Coating Box (Friday - Sunday)

Foster's Towing & Salvage No Box (Friday - Sunday)

INDEX: 6.0 and 7.0 (Saturday & Sunday Only)

Friday, off the trailer NO Box Race (Approximately 4 p.m.) for weekend entry at the Great American Bracket Race featuring $50,000 to win on Saturday, September 9 - $50.00 entry - only 16 cars! Must have 16 entries to run the off the trailer race.

Contingency Connection will also be up for grabs - over $2,000 in

product certificates will be given out each day to random participants based on best package, best losing package, first perfect reaction time in eliminations, listen up to see who will win it each day!

Don't forget Saturday night, the Darts Carts Golf Cart Race with Racer Appreciation Party featuring S'Mores and more!

Bring the kids, swim suits and towels, we will have a mega water slide!

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