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Holley/MSD NEWS! - Holley Releases GM Gen V LT Retro-Fit Oil Pans

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of its LT Retro-Fit Oil Pans, which provide maximum clearance from the chassis to the ground for vehicles with GM's powerful and reliable Gen V LT direct-injected engine. Developed specifically for today’s low-slung hot rods these pans are designed with OEM fitment and excellent sealing.They can be used anywhere a GM F-body oil pan can be used. Holley LT Retro-Fit Oil Pans feature cast aluminum construction and are specially designed to provide more pan-to-chassis clearance around the front half of the pan, where the steering linkage is behind the engine cross-member. They feature a traditional appearance with clean exterior styling and provide OEM fitment for oil filter mounting, OEM flange sealing, and OEM engine noise, vibration, and harshness suppression. Complete kits include the retro-fit pan itself, a windage tray, sump baffle, OE-style pickup tube, sump-port plug, oil filter stud, and billet oil passage cover. A special drag race version with hinge-door baffles (Holley part number 302-22) is also available. Detailed product information and high-resolution product images can be found here, and for the special drag race version, click here. Stay up to date on the latest products to release from Holley by checking out our New & Hot Products section online. New parts are added daily.

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