Bully Dog DPF - Product Update!

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) have earned a reputation for inefficiency, loss of performance, and potential maintenance headaches. With its latest product release, Bully Dog® sets out to prove that “DPF” doesn’t have to be a dirty term. The new Bully Dog Performance DPF, now available for the Ford 6.4-liter Powerstroke, is designed to be a stock DPF replacement that delivers increased performance along with emissions compliance.

Bully Dog’s new Performance DPF is the industry’s first emissions-compliant aftermarket stock replacement, featuring a high-quality all-stainless steel construction and a high-tech proprietary coating. The DPF’s high-flow design is bench-tested to increase air flow by up to 21%. Realize measurable increases in flow and thermal performance with the Bully Dog Performance DPF alone, or go for horsepower & torque gains by pairing with a Bully Dog tune, available through our GT Diesel or BDXgauge tuners & handheld programmers.

To find out more about how Bully Dog’s Performance DPF can make your truck cleaner and compliant – plus save you money in the long run – please click here.

The Performance DPF also slows soot accumulation, reduces EGTs by up to 12%, and reduces backpressure by up to 44%. Our advanced design offers fewer regenerations and keeps your diesel at peak performance between regen cycles.

To alleviate the maintenance challenges that owners face with DPFs, the Performance DPF is designed to be accessible and fully serviceable – much different than a stock DPF. Cleaning and servicing is a breeze: access the catalyst components via a stainless steel v-band flange. Trips to the shop for custom cutting and welding are now a thing of the past!

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