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Breaking News! - GS Products Inc. - Now Sponsoring AERA Engine Professional Rewards!

Glenn Steyers founded GS Products,Inc. in 2003. After working in cam and product development for a major camshaft company for 22 years, Glenn decided it was time to develop new cam designs and products on his own. Over the years Glenn has developed custom cam cores & lobe designs. One major development was the moved lobe 55 & 60 mm camshaft that allows the use of up to 9/16 pushrods in a Small Block Chevy, although mainly used in oval track this combination was used in all forms of racing.

Along with the help of a cam designer who has worked with Glenn for 35 years, they have developed lobe designs specifically to help the Engine Builder's and customer's in developing usable power & torque. These designs could be based on customer requests, feedback, etc. The designs typically, are aggressive, low harmonic designs, or could be a design specifically based around rocker ratio or rpm or customer request. We have supplied cams to all forms of the sport.

In 2007, again Glenn decided it was time to develop and produce their own design of roller lifters. These have been a huge success in reliability and our quality is the highest. We continue to develop new and upgraded roller lifter designs for solid or hydraulic roller lifters.

All products produced by GS Products are proudly made in the USA. Contact GS Products today.

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