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SpeedZone results July 13, 2017

Oshkosh, July 13 – The Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway played host to the USMTS Modified tour on a special Thursday night program as part of the 4 race swing through Northeastern Wisconsin.

A total of 90 cars were on hand including a Wisconsin series best of 37 USMTS Mods, 35 Cow Bell Street Stock Tour competitors and 18 Outlaw Chassis IMCA Stock Cars.

Jerry Kope grabbed the early lead in the Outlaw Chassis IMCA Stock Car main followed by Barry Van Straten, Travis Van Straten, Devin Snellenberger and Jerry Winkler. Travis Van Straten was able to make an inside move for the lead on lap 6, and despite a pair of cautions on the next 2 laps, was able to hold off every attempt by Barry Van Straten and Snellenberger to claim his second straight division feature win. Point leader Jeremy Christians moved up to the leaders and wrestled the third spot away from Snellenberger with 4 laps left.

Barry Van Straten, Christians and Snellenberger were followed by Dan Miller and Trent Nolan, rounding out the top six.

The Cow Bell Street Stock tour feature presented 24 cars for the 25 lap event. Dustin White claimed the early lead over the field but Alex Crapser took control on the second circuit. A lone caution appeared on lap 4 and it was green the rest of the way. Kyle Ganett was able to secure the top spot on the restart with Jeff Richards taking over the runner up spot. For most of the race, Ganett ran the in side lane with Richards almost alongside in the far outside lane. Ganett was able to increase the lead over the final laps with Crapser, Eddie Anschutz and Paul Diefenthaler all catching Richards for a great race for second.

Ganett rolled to the victory, his first time at the track, with Crapser ending the tussle for second. Anschutz took third with Richards holding on for fourth. Diefenthaler was fifth and Jim Randall rounded out the top six.

Lexii Ashcraft started the race in 16th and drove to finish 7th to earn the hard charger award for the race.

The USMTS Headliner had a 24 car field take the green with Lucas Schott leading the opening 2 laps before Zack VanderBeek took command, and despite a couple cautions that bunched the field, VanderBeek was able to maintain the lead to the finish for his third straight win in the Northeaster Wisconsin 4 race series. The Tour makes its final stop at Plymouth Dirt Track on Friday night.

Weekly Friday night racing resumes at the SpeedZone on July 21st.



40 Lap Feature l. Zack VanderBeek 2. Austin Arneson 2. Ryan Gustin 4. Cory Mahder 5. Brian Mullen 6. Cade Dillard

12 Lap Consy First 1. Stormy Scott 2. Gustin

Second l. Dillard 2. Jardin Fuller

8 Lap Heats First l. Dereck Ramierez 2. Robby Bunkelman

Second l. Mike Mullen 2. Jake Timm

Third l. VanderBeek 2. Lucas Schott

Fourth l. Austin Arneson 2. Curt Meyers


25 Lap Feature l., Kyle Genett 2. Alex Crapser 3. Eddie Anschutz 4. Jeff Richards 5. Paul Diefenthaler 6, Jim Randall

10 Lap Consy First ; Roger Frank 2. Mike Carter 3. Mark Schultz 4. Scott Tiedt

Second l. Frank Knaus 2. Dan Knaus 3. Matt Warner 4. Ian Wainio

10 Lap Heats First l. Ganett 2, Jessie Krahn

Second l. Jeff Richards 2. Anschutz

Third l. Paul Diefenthaler 2. Jason Jensen

Fourth l. Jerry Winkler 2. Alex crapser


20 Lap Feature l. Travis Van Straten 2. Barry Van Straten 3. Jeremy Christians 4. Devin Snellenberger 5. Dan Miller 6. Trent Nolan

8 Lap Heats First l. Karly Stadler 2. Christians

Second l. Jason Bork 2. Travis Van Straten

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