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Father John Sherrick, two-time champion at National Trail Raceway with “The Gambler” (S-10 Chevy Truck) and “White Lightening” (1980 Mercury Zepher), and his son Nathan Sherrick, two-time Sport Compact Champion at National Trail Raceway (2015 and 2016 stock Colbalt) talk about how Contingency Connection’s Racer Rewards program helps get them to the winner’s circle all season long.

“My name is Nathan Sherrick, son of John Sherrick, and I wanted to share a little about our family’s racing history and what programs like Contingency Connection have meant for our success.”

“I am the back-to-back Sport Compact Track Champion at National Trail Raceway. Out of 12 races this year I won 9 times, 1 no show, and 2 runner ups, which is almost a clean sweep. I also placed in a few weekend races as well and was within hundreds of a second for King of the Track”

“I also race nationwide in the Import Facebook tour, where I am a two-time bracket champion, as well as at Milan, MI and Pittsburgh, PA. I am also the runner-up in Indy and Semi’s twice at National Trails.”

“I start my 2017 season on April 2nd in Rockingham, N.C. before returning to National Trail Raceway. I will also race in Joliet, Ill and Lebanon, NY before returning home again to compete in the 2017 Import Faceoff.”

“I hope to win 3 championships in a row this year at National Trail Raceway. Not bad for only racing four full years, but having my dad as a mentor (who has been racing for 50+ years) has been a huge asset.”

“In fact, my dad is the reason I made Drag Racing my number one hobby. He has been racing since 1959 at Hyde Park and evolved to National Trail Raceway himself. Growing up watching The Gambler win so many races and he soon became a two-time champion in his S-10 Chevy Truck. After racing a fast back Mustang, he went to his new build, a 1980 Mercury Zepher, With the help of Contingency Connection, and the many sponsors who support the Racer Rewards program, the new motor is about to be finished. “White Lightening” should be in the high 9’s and hopefully consistent.”

“I also want to give a special thanks to all the Contingency Connection Racer Rewards Sponsors! Without them I could not afford to go racing as often this coming summer. Thank you for supporting grassroots racers. We need all the help we can get!”

  • Thanks to WILWOOD BRAKES for sponsoring Racer Rewards program. I collected coupons at National Trail and MCIR in Ohio and could get a new brake system.

  • CLOYES & OLIVER– love their parts, glad they are in the program– and so does my engine builder and his shop foreman!

  • Competition Products & Howards– JUST THE BEST products and best offers. I redeem every year with both companies. I also take these coupons to my engine builder.

  • MOROSO-I am using coupons we have won from three cars to buy a new oil pan!

  • PAINLESS Performance– Will be calling in the next 30 days. Great stuff, Nathan only uses Painless period.

  • EDELBROCK & RUSSELL– I used Racer Rewards coupons and spent $1000+ at Lane Automotive/Motorstate. Plus I got shirts and hats.

  • LINCOLN ELECTRIC– AMAZING stuff—got two welding shirts and other stuff. GREAT COMPANY to work with

  • JET-HOT – great offer with 25% off…we are using Jet Hot on allof our cars

  • Quick Fuel- Bought a carburetor with coupons

  • MSD- I redeem every year. Always the best products and best service

  • FST and HOLLEY I redeemed coupons with both. Great folks to work with.

  • RACEQUIP- BEST OF ALL! I got belts, jacket, shoes, and they threw in so much extra stuff. I recommend Racequip to every racer out there!

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