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RACERS: Do you want in on thousands of dollars in national contingency awards from top manufacturers? 

  • 1500 Events annually

  • 18,000 Racers competing Weekly

  • 50,000 Spectators attending Weekly

  • 3000+ Member SHOPS  

  • 50+ tracks and traveling series

  • 125 + Posted Manufacturer Products

  • ​Exposure in 100+ markets

  • Racers WIN thousands of dollars in weekly awards

  • End of Season Bonus Awards

+ MANY MORE BENEFITS for Racers, Shops, Tracks, Series, Sponsors, and Fans !

More about Contingency Connection

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019, The Contingency Connection is THE largest grassroots motorsports marketing.

The Contingency Connection delivers sponsorship to 50-60 tracks & series nationwide … hosting 1500 events annually … with exposure in over 100 markets… 100 participating performance manufacturers .. nearly 3000 member engine builders, performance shops, installers, machine shops…thousands of fans in the stands…


Contingency Connection works like this:

Racers… The Contingency Connection GUARANTEES $50,000-$100,000 in NATIONAL Weekly Contingency Awards, Banquet Awards, plus end-of-season Champions Awards packages!

Racers simply run DECALS from participating sponsors to WIN valuable manufacturer discount coupon awards
  • WINNING racers earn WEEKLY $25-$50-$100 or % OFF discount certificates towards the purchase of performance products

  •  Ask your track or series operator to call Contingency Connection and JOIN TODAY! Or email your track/series contact information to info@contingencyconnnection.com and we will call your promoter right away to offer them the $50,000 Contingency Connection Racer Rewards program!


Track & Series Operators… We Guarantee you  $50,000 - $100K Contingency Posting to increase pit gates and track profitability - Whether oval track, drag strip or traveling racing series.


Manufacturers & Sponsors… The Contingency Connection offers full-service marketing and advertising to the huge market of weekly racers, engine builders, performance shops, and spectators nationwide!


Shops and Engine Builders... The AERA sponsored Engine Professional Rewards program is an engine builder, machine shop, installer, and performance shop oriented program that recognizes shop business as the backbone of the grassroots performance industry. This program is FREE to any shop and offers valuable product discounts, technical information, and a chance to win tremendous prizes to enrolled shops.  The AERA Engine Professional Rewards program mails valuable manufacturer coupons directly to nearly 3000 shops.  Shops are also eligible to win full year AERA membership and other prestigious manufacturer awards.

LOUD & PROUD: The latest Contingency Connection News:


2018 Racing Season - Call us to sign up!

If you are a manufacturer, race track, or racing series and are interested in learning more about Contingency Connection, please click one of the links at the right and fill out the form - We will contact you to discuss our program and how it can work for you or you can call us at:


Tracks/ Series - Call Ronnie Ball : 276-466-1001

Manufacturers - Call Jackie Ressa: 423-288-0285


Manufacturers interested in our 2018 Program CLICK HERE


Race Tracks/ Racing Series interested in our 2018 Contingency Program CLICK HERE


"Thanks Contingency Connection program! This is about 70% of the stuff that I got from this year, for almost next to nothing except for shipping on a few things. Let's just say it pays to win! Also doesn't include the piles of stuff I got on the other side of the garage from years past from Contingency Connection program. Everybody should take full advantage on the upcoming season of the program. 98% of the businesses involved in the program are overly nice and super helpful."

- Jeffry Freeman -Cordova International Raceway


Contingency Connection Sponsors want to help pay your racing expenses. Be sure to REDEEM nearly $3000 in Racer Rewards Product Coupons before they expire! Race with parts that pay for themselves!



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