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Race with parts that pay for themselves!

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PRI Magazine features Contingency Connection's program
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1st place-$500

Zach Drake

Shady Bowl Speedway

2nd place-$300

Tim Seibel

World Wide Technology Raceway

3rd place-$200

Steve Perkins

Kankakee County Speedway


1st place-$250

Kyle Shadden

Mountain View Raceway

2nd place-$150

Chase Fahnestock

Mid Atlantic 90 Association

(Cecil County Dragway)

3rd place-$100

Steve Franklin

Kingsport Speedway

Lonesome Pine Raceway

1st place-$500

Rick Bender

Edgewater Dragway

2nd place-$300

Bradley Blackwell

Greer Dragway

3rd place-$200

Dave Dulceak

Sycamore Speedway

Racing Radios.jpg

1st place-$500

John Gerula


2nd place-$300

Allison Johnson

Grays Harbor Raceway

Cottage Grove Speedway

3rd place-$200

Chris Hatton

New Smyrna Speedway

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$250 Merchandise & Apparel

Joe Fox

Keystone Raceway Park

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Hidden Horsepower podcast interviews top engine builders


Joe Castello along with Keith Jones from Total Seal Piston Rings interview the world's most knowledgeable engine builders. Technology, tips, and information about how to tackle challenges when building high performance engines and finding that "Hidden Horsepower”. No matter if you are a machinist, racer, or hot rodder, Hidden Horsepower unlocks the knowledge vault of the top engine builders. From Pat Musi to Greg Anderson and even Ed Pink, the legend of engine building can be heard in their own words on Hidden Horsepower.

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New Sponsors & Tracks Joining Daily
Grassroots Racing at its Finest!

Watch for your copy of Contingency Connection’s Engine Professional & Performance Shop Book and Happy 100th Anniversary to AERA! 

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How Contingency Connection Works

Racers with Contingency Connection Racer Rewards—you can “Race with Parts that Pay for themselves!”  Contingency Connection GUARANTEES $50,000-$100,000 in NATIONAL weekly Contingency Awards to each member tracks and series. In addition, Contingency Connection offers mid-season awards, Banquet Awards, and Champions Bonus Awards packages to all tracks with no added fee! Racers simply run DECALS of sponsors with products they use (or would like to use) to WIN valuable manufacturer discount coupon awards. WINNING racers earn discounts towards the purchase of performance products they need to buy anyway.

Ask your track or series operator to contact us to JOIN TODAY!

Track & Series Operators Contingency Connection GUARANTEES $50,000-$100,000 in national sponsorship awards to our member hometown tracks and series enabling your racers to race more often, increasing car counts, decreasing cash payouts, and increasing profitability!  Best of all--and we ship awards to you up-front for immediate presentation to winners!


Manufacturers & Sponsors Contingency Connection offers full-service marketing and advertising directly to the huge target market of weekly grassroots racers, engine builders, performance shops, machine shops, installers, and thousands of fans nationwide!

Engine Builders & Performance Shops the AERA sponsored Engine Professional Rewards program is an engine builder, machine shop, installer, and performance shop program with over 3000 members. This program is FREE to any shop that enrolls and offers valuable product discounts and information through its annual Engine Professional Rewards coupon book, which is mailed directly to each shop. Shops are also eligible to win full year AERA membership and other prestigious awards.

  • 1,500 Events annually

  • 18,000 Racers competing weekly

  • 50,000 Spectators attending weekly

  • 3000 Member SHOPS  

  • 50 tracks and traveling series

  • 125 Posted Manufacturer Products

  • ​Exposure in 100 markets

  • Racers WIN thousands of dollars in weekly awards

  • End of Season Bonus Awards


MANY MORE BENEFITS for Racers, Shops, Tracks, Series, Sponsors, and Fans!


Celebrating nearly 30 years--​The Contingency Connection is THE largest weekly motorsports marketing platform in the country including nearly 100 grassroots racetracks and traveling series hosting 1500 events annually, 100 performance manufacturers, and over 5 million attendees!  Competition includes Dirt & Paved Circle Tracks, Drag Tracks, Tractor Pull, Off-road, Diesel, Road Course, Mud Bogs, Sand Drags, Import, and Motorcycle events. ​ With this type of reach, Contingency Connection is able to attract sponsorship from major companies for member tracks, series, performance shops, engine builders, and racers. 

Contingency Connection’s Racer Rewards delivers ​a minimum of $50,000 in sponsorship awards to member hometown tracks & traveling series helping grassroots racers pay their racing expenses--so they can afford to race more often!  Local racers simply run sponsor decals for products they use (or would like to use) and win money-saving discounts from top performance manufacturers immediately upon their race win.  Racer Rewards also includes midseason and end-of-season Championship Bonus & Banquet Awards making the Racer Rewards program a full-season, grassroots rewards program for hometown tracks, series, and racers.'

Contingency Connection’s AERA Engine Professional Rewards ​has nearly 3,000-member engine builders, performance shops, installers, and machine shops.  Member shops receive valuable discounts from participating manufacturers.  Best of all—Shops join Free!

Keep updated on the latest from our sponsors, tracks and racers with Grassroots Wired. Sign up here.

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Racers - Race with Parts That Pay for Themselves

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Contingency Connection sponsors want to help pay your racing expenses! 


The Racer Rewards contingency book will be presented to Race Winners at member tracks and series all season long.  It includes nearly $4000 in valuable product discounts.  It’s simple: Racers redeem sponsor product coupons and “Race with Parts that Pay for themselves!


But don’t take our word for it. 

Jeffry Freeman a bracket racer at Cordova Raceway said, "Thank you Contingency Connection Sponsors! This is about 70% of the stuff that I got this year, for almost next to nothing, except for shipping on a few things. Let's just say it pays to win!  This photo doesn't include the piles of stuff I got on the other side of the garage from past years racing at Contingency Connection tracks. Everybody should take full advantage on the upcoming season of the program. 98% of the businesses involved in the program are overly nice and super helpful."

- Jeffry Freeman -Cordova Raceway

Racer Rewards Winners

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If you are a racer, manufacturer, race track, traveling racing series, or shop and want to learn more about Contingency Connection, please click one of the links below and complete the contact form.  We will contact you to discuss the program, or email information to you about how the program can work for you. 


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